Radiohead, Idiot Pilot, and Jurassic 5?!?!


Every Monday at 8 am, John In The Morning brings a listener on the air to Pick 3. Here’s how it works… You just need to pick 3 songs that have a theme or mean something to you. The more creative the better!

This week’s featured picks are from Morgan Kluck of Seattle. Here’s a little bit about Morgan and his picks:

Radiohead – Pyramid Song
Idiot Pilot – A Day in the Life of a Poolshark
Jurassic 5 – Quality Control

“I am only 14 and got into a lot more different types of music around two years ago. I used to listen to 107.7 but recently I got really bored because they played the same stuff over and over again and they were starting to play Fall Out Boy and Coheed and Cambria a lot (ew). I had heard about KEXP a lot but never actually listened to it. I started listening to The Morning Show whenever I got ready for school, and I make sure to listen to Street Sounds as much as I can now. Since then KEXP has gotten me into tons of music I had never heard of before like Les Savy Fav and Giant Drag.

These songs all opened my eyes to new music. When I was about 10 or 11 (2002-2001) I listened to a lot of nu-metal like Linkin Park and and Korn. I heard Jurassic 5 and it showed me Hip-Hop doesn’t have to be so offensive and negative all the time, and it got me into a lot more hip-hop, so I owe a lot to them. Idiot Pilot are one of my favorite bands and they did something I’d never heard. It gave me more appreciation for Electronica and Hardcore and it inspired me to start trying to write some songs on my computer with some software. Radiohead did the same as Idiot Pilot. I had never heard something like this before. When I got Hail to the Thief, I was amazed. And then I heard ‘Pyramid Song’ and I was a huge fan at that moment.”

A big thanks to Morgan! Give us your take and learn more about Pick 3.

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  1. Posted May 8, 2006 at 11:45 pm | Permalink

    Heck yeah! Just wanted to pop in right quick and tell Morgan Kluck that we really appreciate devoted listeners like you! Make sure to hit us up during Street Sounds anytime and we’ll most definitely try to work in your request!

    Oh, and on a brief and only remotely related note…well, not really related, but kinda…we don’t always ncessarily work that much instrumental-oriented stuff into the show, so I just wanted to make some quick recommendations. Check out the French DJ crew Birdy Nam Nam’s self-titled debut (quite unlike any other battle crews’ albums), Wax Tailor’s “Tales of the Forgotten Melodies” (coincidentally, also a Frenchmen), and peep Dabrye’s “Two/Three’ when it drops in June…this man’s on his own weird little plane, but if the late Dilla co-signed him, you know he can’t be half that bad. Oh, oh, one more, check out DJ Mekalek’s “Live & Learn”, in stores on June 6th…and currently in heavy rotation on the portable digital music playing device…

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