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A big thanks to Film School for an awesome in-studio today. As you can see, Cheryl had a great time! Hope you were able to tune in… Apparently, they were running late and sure enough… they got pulled over by the cops for speeding! Figures, right?!?! They explained that they were on their way to KEXP to play a live set and the cop said something like, “KEXP? I listen to KEXP… MOVE ALONG!” They got off, no ticket! How cool is that?

Catch Film School tonight at The Crocodile with Swords and Talkdemonic.

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  1. […] Last night I saw Mission Impossible III and, I just have to tell you that it was SO WRONG on so many levels. Not only did the movie suck in every possible way (even on the Cinerama screen it had no redeeming value) but I’m afraid I just can’t take Tom Cruise seriously anymore (not that I ever took him that seriously but at least I did like him at one point). In one scene, he got this crazy-ass look in his eyes when he was all straightjacketed up with one of those Hannibal Lector/dog muzzle leather face masks on and I thought “Dude, you’re not acting now. You’re really fucking crazy!” Everyone in the movie sucked. The plot sucked. Tom Cruise sucked. I do love that Mission Impossible theme music though. But, 60 seconds of dom-dom, dom-dom dom-dom, dom-dom dom-dom, dom-dom dom-dom, dom-dom, na na na, na na na, na na na, na na, dom-dom…. can’t save this movie. Film School and Head Like a Kite, however, rocked the house at KEXP today and Film School hung out in our lobby all day, which more than made up for it! […]

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