Damn you Ms. PacMan!

Rachel, out and about in Seattle!

Dear Blog,

On Friday I went to see Cloud Cult play at the Crocodile. I met up with a few friends at my place, and we had a few pre-show drinks. We heard that Cloud Cult were notorious for having interpretive paintings during their live set. We plotted ways of causing diversions and stealing those aintings.

We arrived at the Crocodile toward the end of Daylight Basement. We secured a place at the bar, had a few more drinks, and hung out with various KEXP staffers, volunteers and listeners.

Cloud Cult begins. The first thing we see upon entering the showroom is indeed artists on the left and the right of the stage, painting on large canvases. The painting on the left is turning into a creepy face. The painting on the right is something more abstract. The painting on the left is way better than the painting on the right.

Behind the band a giant video screen plays images of sped up traffic, Pole Position and other arty post modern images. Somewhere on stage a fog machine expels plums of sulfuric white smoke, obscuring the band as they energetically jump and stagger on stage.

The music sounds great, and the audience is into it, swaying back and forth and mouthing the lyrics. A few people nod their heads and tap their feet: a traditional Seattle dance move. About four songs into it, I’m feeling snacky, and decide to head down the street to Shorty’s to grab a quick bite. Before I know it, some kind of primordial urge takes hold of me and I’m pumping quarters into Ms. PacMan. After getting an extra life, I swerve and zip and dodge and careen through the maze. Ms. PacMan meets PacMan, they fall in love, and have two kids. Translation: I’m super far. Possibly one of my best games ever. At this point Blinky, Pinky, Dot and that other ghost don’t even turn blue anymore. I’m in trouble.

A harrowing defeat snaps me back to reality and I realize I’ve been gone for longer than I planned. We head back to the show as it’s coming to a close. Almost everyone who I spoke with said the show was amazing, killer, and great. Damn you Ms. PacMan. Damn you all to hell!!

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  1. Posted May 15, 2006 at 5:37 pm | Permalink

    The show was amazing, killer and great. I will confirm this. Cloud Cult has a great live show, and the painters just made it that much more interesting.

    Does anyone know how much the two paintings sold for? I didn’t stick around for the silent auction.

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