Death Cab, Interpol, Bauhaus & NYC!

Interpol at the Agora Theatre, Cleveland – 9/26/05
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Every Monday at 8 am, John In The Morning brings a listener on the air to Pick 3. Here’s how it works… You just need to pick 3 songs that have a theme or mean something to you. The more creative the better!

As part of our Live from NYC remote broadcast this week, we feature a special series of picks from Cathy Rosamond of Brooklyn, NY…

“These songs represent my deep love for NYC and KEXP, and I thought they go together nicely.

Marching Bands of Manhattan: I live in Brooklyn and work as an artist on the lower east side and my daughter goes to school on the upper west side. So naturally, I take the subway A LOT which gives me time for a lot of music listening. One day, this song came on my iPod right when I was traveling on the Manhattan Bridge heading back home to walk my dog. The glistening East River, Brooklyn Bridge, Statue of Liberty in the distant and this song… I was overwhelmed with my love for this city. And of course Death cab, Seattle and KEXP go hand in hand in hand. If seattle and new york city were people, I think they would make a really good looking couple.

NYC: This song so captures the beauty of the nitty grittiness of New York and the more pensive side of new yorkers. Our subway system is dirty and smelly, but there’s a diamond-in-the-rough kind of beauty when you look around and you see people from literally all walks of life. We sometimes get swallowed in the big city life and get a bit complacent or lonely. I’m sure a lot of us can relate to the, “got to make some more change in my life” part of the song. and john played this song as the opening song during one of the New York city shows on a monday morning (i think i requested it, though I’m sure it was on your mind). When I heard the song that morning I screamed, “yyaaaaaaaay kexp is heeeeeere!” A very special moment.

Hope: Are you still reading this? thank you. Well, this is not a New York song per se, but it goes so well as an anecdote to the feelings described in NYC. The song makes me think of people who move here with big dreams…artists, musicians, actors, what have you. But inevitably, there are lots of rejections in this city. But you just have to stick to your dreams. Hope is the song I’d dedicate to everyone who can relate to that no matter where you are in life — the ones struggling to make it happen or the ones that have lived through the millions of NOs and have finally succeeded. Oh, and as for KEXP? I requested this song on my birthday one year, but John couldn’t find it (he did write back and say, ‘sorry! couldn’t find it!’). But a year and a half later, I requested the song again (without much hope because The Morning Show gets so many requests and it’s kind of an esoteric song), but John played it! That made me yelp with joy.” – Cathy
Cathy enjoys consuming strong coffee, dry white wine and dark chocolate. Oh and dogs, but not for consumption!

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Thanks to Cathy for her thoughts on these artists, her city, and KEXP!

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