Going out in style…

Jason Lytle of Grandaddy, KEXP – 5/19/06

Bands get together and split up all the time, but when it’s a band you really like it can feel a lot different. A friend of mine made a really good comparison. It’s like this… You’re out walking around and you might pass a couple arguing with each other outside a bar, sitting on a bench, in a car, or wherever. It’s not the drag out, yell at each other kind of argument, but it’s one of those really sad feelings-are-being-hurt kind of situations. Long pauses, then emotional exchanges… The whole nine yards. You think to yourself, I see where this one is headed… It’s one of those break up conversations! You keep walking and it’s no big deal.

Now, say you witness the exchange from a distance and as you’re walking away you realize the people look kind of familiar… Wait a minute, you know them… They’re your friends! Now, chances are you would have recognized them off the bat, but whatever… Everything changes and instead of not giving it a second thought, it hits you hard… It’s the end, they’re gonna break up. It feels a lot different when you know the people, or in this case, the band… You might not know Jason Lytle, or whoever it might be, but you feel like you know the band and their records…

BUT… if you can deal with the feeling, you can still really enjoy the music. Maybe you even enjoy it a little more. A big thanks to Jason Lytle for stopping by today. It was an awesome set. Listen to the performance at our Streaming Archive and check out Just Like The Fambly Cat, it really is a great record.

Catch Jason tonight at Easy Street (Queen Anne), 7 pm.

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