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Three Imaginary Girls is a Seattle-based website that showcases the great music of the Northwest to music lovers worldwide. We post a Seattle live show calendar to help you fill your day-planner with loads of rock. Here are some of the shows on our imaginary radars for the coming week…

3girlsmod.jpgSlender Means/Tennis Pro/Marlo, Old Fire House (Friday, May 19)
Did you know that May is better hearing and speech month? It’s true and Evergreen Speech and Hearing Clinic is celebrating their special month by throwing a concert. Local bandthletes Tennis Pro are playing along with Marlo and Slender Means. Free earplugs will be distributed and iPod shuffles with custom sound-reducing headphones will be raffled off. And it’s all ages. Down with tinnitus!

Shorthand for Epic/Llama (Saturday, May 20)
I can’t recall the last time any of the imaginary girls spent a Saturday night in the U-District (well, except during Liz’s brief yet intense Tubs phase). But this Saturday night you should strongly consider heading to the Monkey Pub to swill some PBR while you witness the dawning of Shorthand for Epic, a brand-spankin’ new band outta Maple Leaf. According to the band’s official bio, the band features former members of Mea Culpa, Button Happy, Black Nite Crash, and, um, Loverboy. They play silly, slap-happy, purposeful pop with punk hooks, new waves, a bit of bombastic bravado. We emailed frontman Billy Corazon for show deets, and he promised they would, “Traipse about the stage screaming in Portuguese and firing small-caliber handguns into the ceiling. Just like regular birth, only with more screaming, blood, pain and confusion. It’ll be a hoot.” Sounds like as good a reason as any to head to the land of the Huskies.

Six Parts Seven/The Can’t See/The Fleet Foxes/Tiny Vipers, Crocodile OR Japan Air Transfer/Kiss Her For The Kid/So Said They, High Dive (Sunday, May 21)
It’s a Sunday night Battle of the Shows. In the Belltown corner there’s Suicide Records Six Parts Seven, an introspective, melodic band who’ve about to release their fourth full-length. You can’t hear any of these songs yet, but rumor has it direct from their label that they’ll be debuting some of the newbie tunes on Sunday night. Seattle’s Fleet Foxes lend great support to the strong local lineup of opening bands; despite their barely-of-age youth, they manage to capture the charm of the early 90s mid-Atlantic pop movement (we’ve not sure it’s ever been dubbed as such, but think of the riveting charm-pop of the Ocean Blue or the Innocence Mission, or the earnestness of Mental Jewelry-era Live).

And then in the Fremont corner we have the Kiss Her for the Kid record release show at the High Dive. KHFTK are a Seattle-based four-piece band and Sunday night they’re going to be celebrating the release of their debut EP, Gee. Hannah Roberts and Sean London share vocal duties over driving guitars and power melodies, reminiscent at times of a rougher Pretty Girls Make Graves, or a jagged Dressy Bessy.

Dr. Frank reads from his freshly published book, “King Dork,” Cupcake Royale, Ballard (Tuesday, May 23)
Dr. Frank (known best for his Mr. T Experience leadership role) has finally stepped out of the confines of songwriting and channeled his talent of eloquence to write a fine book entitled “King Dork. It follows the life of a typical American high school loser whose life changes with the discovery of the book, “The Catcher in the Rye.” It’s a tale we have all lived or dreamed of living (or are in the process of realizing). Dr. Frank is going to be in Seattle doing a reading from the book at Ballard’s own Cupcake Royale on Tuesday, May 23rd at 7p. Get your sugar/coffee/literary high all at once! And, in case stuffing your face with confectionary sugar, freebasing fancy coffee beans in public, and sharing airspace with Dr. Frank isn’t enough, here is a trailer for the book you can forward to your friends who require persuasive techniques of the visual kind (video trailer).

The Thermals/Sirens Sister/Siberian, Crocodile (Thursday, May 25)
With all the distressing stuff going on in the world today, I find comfort in two things: Gossip columns (Page Six and People Magazines) and the fact that The Thermals‘ third album is going to be released on August 22, 2006. I fell in love with their first album, More Parts Per Million. I still get light-headed when I listen to their second album Fuckin A. And with the countdown to August 22 already under way, I can barely focus enough to figure out what is going on with this whole immigration thing. That said, at this Thursday’s Thermals show there’s a 99% chance that they will debut some new material. And for those interested, there’s a 17% chance that Hutch will end the show topless.

Hope to see you at a show!
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