People freaked…


You heard me, I called it. Total Bullshit. In fact I made up that phrase and tried to have it trademarked but I guess some loser at the DMV or wherever they sign off on that crap said I couldn’t. Loser. The thing is, that just makes me stronger and makes my phat beats all the more phater. That’s right, “phater”. I asked that dude if I could trademark that and he said it wasn’t a word. I KNOW DUDE. I made it up and invented it and shit so now trademark it. Anyway, my set at the Yankee Diner last night got cancelled for some elk lodge gathering or something. I told em I could rock the wild animal set but they gave me the boot so they could put in a jello bar. Its sort of like brunch, but jello. I guess that’s cool. I was able to pick up a DJ set at Safeway though. I just took my phat beats and put in over the entercom on the way home. People freaked.

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  1. A. Panda
    Posted June 2, 2006 at 4:46 pm | Permalink

    YO! I am HEARING you about the heads up in the DMV! Make you wait in line, and then won’t trademark your intellectual property bullshit! So, check it: All you need to do when you invent a word is just say: patent pending. And make sure someone hears you say it. That’s key. Then you’re golden, and you can charge heads a nickel every time they say it. And be like


    (patent pending on BOOSH).

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