That’s the Yeti for you…

Check out the next Audioasis live show from High Dive this Saturday! I know Cheryl is going to be there and if Cheryl is going to be there you know what that means right? Right?! Seriously, what does that mean?!

Sasquatch KEXP1.jpg
Sasquatch! 2006, courtesy of Gregory Perez

I hope you survived the three day weekend alright. I know many a MF are recovering from the hail at Sasquatch. That’s the yeti for you, never can count on them to bring the nice weather. It’s often said that the yeti wait for the first hail storm of the year to mate with unicorns. Then when the Columbia River rises in the Fall they give birth to My Little Ponies…which are then eaten by an army of Gobots, the sad distant cousins of the Transformers. I got beat up once for having a gobot and not a transformer. WTF is wrong with people? Although my gobot transformed from a truck to a guy that looked like a truck. Not so good. Feel free to send your sasquatch stories to the list for the Morning Faithful section.  We’ll be posting some stories and photos on the blog in the next day or so…
Someone just requested the band Steaming Wolf Penis on Cheryl’s show. I never thought I’d be able to get my high school’s mascot on this list but it happened. The Ferris Saxon Steaming Wolf Penises. You should have seen our uniforms! Seriously, a band named themselves that. Think about their mom explaining to a friend what they do for a living. Awesome.

Totally different from that, Arlie stopped by the station during the show today. He was totally rocking out in the booth and then almost set off the Emergency Alert System. He might have crapped his pants so that kind of was an emergency but still….we didn’t design that thing for a 21 month old. Tickets are selling FAST for the Kid’s Dance Party on Father’s Day at Chop Suey! We dads needed an event and why not make it a club with three of the best djs out there, Darek, Riz and Kevin. Not to mention the break dancing. I thought I could moon walk when I was a kid, turns out I was just walking backwards. I’ve seen the footage on the moon by the way, there was none of that going on. Now if you designed a dance where you drove a little sweet moon car in some dust and then hit a golf ball 10,000 miles or something then we’re talking moon dance….walk, whatever.

Remember Moon Raker on the Atari 2600? BEST GAME EVER. After Pitfall of course. I saw a Atari 2600 II for like 30 bucks at Fred Meyer the other day. I also saw the ugliest computer desk ever made next to a palm tree lamp. I felt like putting up a sign saying “You Don’t Have to Buy This! You Have the Power To Choose Something Else!”

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  1. Laura
    Posted May 31, 2006 at 11:46 am | Permalink

    Stopped by the studio yesterday since i’ve been listening to kexp (John in the Morning) for about 3 years now–Talked with PJ who gave me a short tour. Sasquatch brought me out here from PA. It was an incredible weekend–Sat. afternoon went from “this weather couldn’t be ANY BETTER than this” to “this weather couldn’t get ANY WORSE than this” and then it did get worse with hail the size of nickels pelting my head and bare feet. I’m glad it didn’t stop the music for too long! If you have any suggestions on what I should do while I’m here in Seattle til the 8th, let me know-i’m looking for ideas!

  2. John Richards
    Posted May 31, 2006 at 12:00 pm | Permalink

    For sure go to Ballard, I live there and love it. You should also check out Easy Street Records in Queen Anne (and Sonic Boom in Ballard). Go to the Pike Place Market as well.

  3. Posted June 1, 2006 at 10:54 am | Permalink

    Someone just posted a short video of the hail at Sasquatch. It does a pretty good job capturing what it was like–just imagine it going on for 30 minutes longer ;-)

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