18 cups of coffee later

Operating on sightly more sleep, Gigantic Studios – 5/19/06
Photo Courtesy of Doron Gild

Hope you’re well. Today debuted French band Prototypes. It’s sweet, will be playing a lot of it but not out until August. Also the new Fleet Foxes record, local band, VERY promising. Speaking of local, debuted a new Common Market remix you should hear if you missed it. Also played Black Angels and Ghostland Observatory again today. BIG surprise there. If you haven’t heard, August 13th the GLO will play the KEXP BBQ! More details soon….

Some other new things today include the new Keane, Silversun Pickups, Phoenix and Lansing-Drieden….plus a bunch of old REM…..good times.

Here’s my morning

4:15AM – Slept in until 4:15AM
4:15:01AM – Realize that if you’re “sleeping in” until 4:15am something is wrong with you.
4:25AM – Wonder if I want to spend the 2 or 3 minutes shaving my face
4:30AM – Still no decision and realize I stood there for 5 minutes wondering if I should spend 2 or 3 minutes shaving
4:45AM – Put on new shirt
4:45-5AM – Drive to station, stop at a light that the city changed so it always is red when I get there. No cars are ever going the other way when I sit there. Picture some evil man watching me every morning on some camera sitting at the light like a dumb ass laughing while he eats a donut and says every day “I wonder if he’ll run it today?” I never do, I know I’m being watched.
5:01AM – Realize I might be paranoid
5:02AM – Realize that my shirt is too long. Wearing a “medium” sucks. It is always too long. Or maybe I’m too short? I tuck it in the front of my belt American Idol style
5:03AM – Realize I thought the words “American Idol style” outloud.
6AM – Start show
6-9AM – Drink around 18 cups of coffee
9:45AM – A delegation who work in radio from Nepal stop by and tour the booth
10AM – Cheryl and I talk about Jug bands

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  1. Cheryl Waters
    Posted May 31, 2006 at 1:27 pm | Permalink

    When I fill in for the Morning Show, I run all the red lights. I figure it’s a free-for-all before 5am. It feels pretty stupid to be sitting at a 5 minute light at 5am with not a car in sight. You know when they say “You don’t drink, don’t smoke, what do you do?” I run red lights between 3 and 5am (on weekdays only!). That’s about as crazy as I get.

  2. John Richards
    Posted May 31, 2006 at 6:11 pm | Permalink

    You fill in for the Morning Show?

  3. luke
    Posted May 31, 2006 at 7:42 pm | Permalink

    I get up at 4:50 every morning, get my dog Rojo and get in the car to drive down and catch the 5:30 boat over to BI while listening to KEXP of course. If i run every red light I can make it to the ferry in 12 minutes…so if i had one too many beers the night before, not only would i be ticketed for running red lights, there’s a good chance i would get thrown in jail for a dui, which as it turns out is the only reason i ever have to run all the red lights between my house and ferry…it’s a tricky predicament, however one that i find myself in more than I probably should.

  4. Posted June 1, 2006 at 10:52 am | Permalink

    Speaking of jug bands, when I was in high school here in Seattle back in the very early ’70s, Joe Vinikow had a jug band that played around town called Joe Bananna and the Bunch – The Only Group With A Peel :) Joe now runs archtop.com, selling nice instruments.

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