I’m still recovering…

I’m still recovering. Sasquatch kicked ass and kicked my ass. The lineup was impressive. The backdrop at the Gorge Amp is breathtaking.

Friday was my big day: I was most excited about Nine Inch Nails (NIN to the real fans) and Bauhaus. Forgetting to bring my black eyeliner, I settled for my I <3 KEXP t-shirt and multi-colored hair.

wolfmother kexp.jpg
With Wolfmother at Sasquatch – 5/26/06
Photo Courtesy of DJ Shannon

The Australian psych-rock trio, Wolfmother, took to the mainstage at 4pm. It was the beginning of “Upright Hair” bands to come. A term I’ve coined specifically for Sasquatch and possibly for all the indie rock “hair” bands going forward. Spread the word(s). Soon even my mom will throw the term as simple as referencing “Grey’s Anatomy.”

Andrew Stockdale, Wolfmother’s lead singer and guitarist, donned a cape at one point. I expected him to take flight, either via invisible suspension ropes or using his Upright Hair powers. A very entertaining set indeed. I’m addicted to their cd and have converted many former Black Sabbath listeners into loyal fans.

NIN. Flashback to 1991. My head was shaved up to the bone on the back of my head. I wore my black t-shirt with an embroidered NIN with pride and a short black mini. Pretty Hate Machine is still one of my all-time favorite cds.

Flashforward to 2006, I removed myself from the fastest, ever-growing pit within the first song. Guess I wasn’t so diehard. The excitement ended when I saw a newly transformed Trent Reznor, who was now a long-lost, softcore twin of Henry Rollins. Never imagined him as a “beefcake.” Where was the frail man (boy) I had grown to love? I believe he’d been trampled on long ago.

Quick Friday roundup: Bauhaus. Peter Murphy and co. still have it. It was complete with Peter showing his flexibility, reminiscent to his solo release, “Deep” album cover.

I missed TV on the Radio but last I saw, the lead singer, Tunde Adebimpe, he fell into the Upright Hair League.

The Trucks, an all-girl punk band from Bellingham/Seattle charmed the crowd. Stand out song: “Man Voice” — offset the singer’s extremely sweet girlie voice with her alter-ego’s rough, manly voice.

That night, I contemplated how much I enjoyed camping under the stars and breathing fresh air – not surrounding by smoke-filled air past 25 feet. All was well until I woke up bitterly cold, soaked from head to toes (especially my toes) with a drenched sleeping bag. My friends and I thought we’d peed ourselves. I was ready to go home. I was too old for this. Instead we battled the elements or they battled us.

sam beam of iron and wine.jpg
Sam Beam at Sasquatch – 5/27/06
Photo Courtesy of DJ Shannon

Saturday (O Hail, MudFest!): Ben Bridwell and Mat Brooke, formerly of Carissa’s Wierd (sic), are now reincarnated as Band of Horses. I love telling people “I remember when they were just ‘Horses’” after they’d opened for Iron & Wine. First exposure.

My favorite local band performed a flawed set as usual. I believe restarting songs is very common as it happened practically every performance. Building up to more of a flawless version is so worth the wait.

You can’t help but smile as Ben cheerfully plugs away song after song. Their last two songs slowly brought the rain. Maybe it was a sign from above how beautiful their music really is. Okay, that’s way too deep a sentiment for me to believe.

One question: Where is Mat? Did he just record the album?
Best song: “The Funeral” especially when restarted twice.

After moving the party inside for a drink, I didn’t realize a Rockstar lounge could be my shelter. The hail started barreling down on concert-goers during my brave new friends, the Constantines’ set. Surprising how many people didn’t take cover but instead continuously threw hard punches into the air. An inflatable Santa from Sufjan’s set danced amongst the crowd. The dwindling crowd, massive hail and determined rock band created an explosive, driving energy. Wow! I was speechless for once and captured a video moment on my ever-present camera. I’m thinking about having the video feature built into my wrist permanently.

Quick Saturday roundup: As always entertaining, Rogue Wave (their drummer and sometimes guitarist belongs to the Upright Hair Club).

Publish My Love – (MP3)

Sufjan Stevens: He sang the “Star-Spangled Banner.” How patriotic can one be? He wins the yellow ribbon for patriotism and has my vote for his presidential race in 2008.

Gomez: One of the best harmonizing bands around.

The Shins: Provide yet another sassy sing-along.

Onsite fan conversion: I am a new fan of Architecture in Helsinki. Fun fun fun!

A weather and Ben Harper-delayed set from The Flaming Lips couldn’t make me forget how freakin’ cold I was. They’re so much fun live, complete with dancing aliens and Santas but it was nothing new. A close-up camera shot of Wayne’s face scared me, while his Jaws-teethed nun made me laugh so hard I snorted my expensive, fruity Jack Daniels’ malt beverage.

Sunday: My attention span was dwindling. My warm bed called out to me from 2 ½ hours away. My music reviews grew quicker, shorter. “Brevity is the soul of wit.”

the decemberists.jpg
The Decemberists at Sasquatch – 5/28/06
Photo Courtesy of DJ Shannon

The Decemberists: Colin Meloy is the best lyricist and surpasses Morrissey. Definitely not as doom and gloom a theme as Moz’s life. During the final song, “Chimbley Sweep,” Colin lightly touched each band member on the shoulder, sending them into a sleep-like trance. He whispered “they’re only sleeping.” I was fearful that their unconsciousness was the end to the Decemberists.

The Engine Driver – (MP3)

His sincere words put my fears at ease. They soon awoke and finished the song joyfully. All was well at the Gorge.

pretty girls make graves.jpg
Pretty Girls Make Graves at Sasquatch- 5/28/06
Photo Courtesy of DJ Shannon

All quick reviews… Pretty Girls Make Graves: Lead singer, Andrea Zollo has an entrancing stage presence. Sad I missed “The Nocturnal” but life went on regardless.

The Nocturnal – (MP3)

we are scientists.jpg
We Are Scientists at Sasquatch – 5/28/06
Photo Courtesy of DJ Shannon

We are Scientists: A very talented, and mind you – cute, band. I could start a ‘hole nother band list based on facial hair. Add it to my long list.

matthew me.jpg
With Matthew of Nada Surf at Sasquatch – 5/28/06
Photo Courtesy of DJ Shannon

I’m never disappointed with Nada Surf and Death Cab for Cutie.

jamie lidell kexp smaller.jpg
Jamie Lidell at Sasquatch – 5/28/06
Photo Courtesy of DJ Shannon

Official Blow-Me-Away Sasquatch performance: Jamie Lidell. A one-man laptop/mini Moog/mixin’ soul singer originally from England. He’s touring with Beck and will return to Seattle for Bumbershoot. Please don’t miss him. Don’t do it.

Overall Sasquatch was very well organized. The campgrounds never ran out of toilet paper. The VIP lounge (AKA the VIPeeee) consistently had seat covers. Life was good. I was content. My wish list for next year’s festival: Sushi. Spicy tuna rolls would suffice. Hell, I’d even settle for edible food. High hopes I know.

Overheard at Sasquatch: From Ben of Band of Horses during soundcheck in reference to the windscreen – “I’ll try not to ‘psst’ and ‘tsst’ too much.”

Drunk guy, and oh so profound: “Enjoy the beauty. Expect the storm.”

Random guy I passed on the way to the mainstage: “Maybe I shouldn’t be so liberal.”

me and mud guy.jpg
With the mud guy at at Sasquatch – 5/28/06
Photo Courtesy of DJ Shannon

The Mud Guy, covered from head to toe in slimey mud, while ordering a couple brewskis: “Can I have a napkin?”
My friend: “What hill did you go down?”
MG: The walkway. Only me and one other guy made it all the way down.”

All Canadians in attendance: “Let’s go Oilers.” (I did watch some of the game in my downtime.)

Feel free to email me your thoughts and experiences no matter how muddied your memories are: Shannon@kexp.org.

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  1. Barrybob
    Posted June 2, 2006 at 8:02 pm | Permalink

    man, it looks like you had a good time … love the freshly coined Upright Hair Band terminology … you rock … peace …

  2. Posted June 2, 2006 at 8:26 pm | Permalink

    Hey Shannon, this is the Canadian who got busted by a swat team of Grant County’s finest for smoking a bong in the middle of nowhere on Friday night – we chatted it up during Band of Horses. That Constantines show was legendary, I’ve seen em 3 times and that was by far the rockingest show (even though it only lasted 4 songs or so). Also, I’m telling all my friends up here in Canadia to check out “Horses”. It was nice meeting someone from KEXP, I’ve listened for years via the interweb. Keep on rocking in the free world, and get some new marijuana laws ;)

  3. rolly hartley
    Posted July 1, 2006 at 7:40 pm | Permalink

    “Horses” only played one show before iron and wine tour and that was with tim meinig and chris early – what happened to them?, and i heard mat brooke has also quit the band what goes on?

  4. Posted May 23, 2013 at 7:31 pm | Permalink

    It’s crazy how much younger Jamie Lidell looks these days, or at least during his 2013 in-studio; or maybe it’s just that he was better-rested. http://blog.kexp.org/2013/05/09/live-video-jamie-lidell/

    @rolly hartley: Tim worked at KEXP for a bit, now he’s at KUOW. He’s a good dude.

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