Another great night for a great cause…

Thank you so much to everyone who came to the High Dive on Saturday!

The broadcast was so much fun and I really appreciate all of the people who stepped up to help out! Julia, Julian, Trevor, James and DJ Michele Myers for not caring that I threw her on the air with no warning. Sean made it at about 7:30pm after a very busy day and I was stoked to have him there for the last hour and a half.

He found this sign on the stage and walked over to me with it on his jacket…cracked me up. Yet another crappy camera phone shot although it gives him a very “mysterious” look. Don’t lean on Sean! I mentioned to him that I have a dress in the exact same pattern as that dapper jacket he wore and he told me what it was called, but I’ve forgotten. I’m typically a fashion mess and if anyone out there wants to style me up, it’s welcome. I should hit up John’s wife!

Don’t lean on Sean Nelson, High Dive – 6/3/06

Thanks to the High Dive for letting us do these events there, to Toby (their sound guy) for making it sound good, Deb for bringing all the CDs I needed and to all of the bands for their time. OK, I know, I sound like an Oscar speech or something, but it’s really important to me to recognize all of the people who make these happen. This month’s broadcast was a benefit for Fare Start and it was great to meet the people who work with such a fantastic organization. They’re doing great things.

I played a bunch of new local records that I’m really digging right now. Sneaky Theives, Skullbot, Mark Pickerel (sparkles, as Julian called him), Abyssinian Creole, Smoosh, Jon Auer….The whole playlist is at in case you heard something you dug and want to know what it was.

Both of the bands we had on the air were awesome. I really enjoyed Velella Velella album when we got it at the station, but as is the case with many a live show, seeing them live was a whole new level. They have great energy and a really unique sound. The members would switch back and forth between keyboards (3 of them I think), bass, wooden noise makers, gadgets and vocals. Their families were listening, so we had some “Hi mom” shout outs which I love. Moms listening to KEXP, that’s rad. They were also GREAT sports about me flailing my arms and trying to communicate to them from the table-booth, live on the air. Here’s a little radio 101…by law, at the top of each hour, radio stations have to identify themselves. It’s called a “legal ID” and is really just saying who and where you are. So for us, it’s KEXP Seattle. Velella Velella had a song or 2 left and we were right at 7pm, so I was yelling “Say KEXP Seattle! Say KEXP Seattle!” and they were able to read my lips/kind of hear me and saved the day. Thanks guys.

Mercir took the stage at 8pm. This band never disappoints. Every time I see them play live, I’m sucked into their energy and I even find myself wanting to dance (don’t get me wrong, dancing is fun, it’s just not something anyone wants to see me doing…Seinfeld? Elaine? yes.) They create such an enormous sound and although you couldn’t see if it you were listening on the radio, they get into it! They were movin’ and dancing and I’d bet even the people not in the club could feel the energy. I talked to Colin after the set and said as much. I also thanked him for closing the set with my favorite Mercir tune. Not that they did it for me, but I loved it.

This was the point in the night where I wished I had a cloning machine. Unfortunately plans that I had made a very long time ago were already in place and I had to go right at the end of the broadcast. This bummed me out on SO many levels. I’d seen Cancer Rising before, but wanted to see them again, have been DYING to see The Saturday Knights and Mountain Con always puts on a good show. I saw them at Neumos a few weeks ago and it was like a full on dance party! So, it’s up to all of you to fill me in… Let me know what you guys thought!

Thanks again to everyone for making these events so great, for supporting local music and community radio. You rule!

-Wood out.

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  1. Deb
    Posted June 5, 2006 at 4:46 pm | Permalink

    It’s seersucker, baby! My favorite name for a fabric. How could it not be?

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