I guess it’s all in my head!

At Gigantic Studios, New York – 5/15/06
Photo Courtesy of Doron Gild

I hope you had a great weekend. I spent mine dominating the Ultimate playfield….okay in my head I was dominating but mostly I played a few points and rested for many more but our team made it into the finals of the much respected “D Pool” which is below C and B and to be honest…way below A. The best part is we had to fight to get into the D and then ended up in the finals! Then I couldn’t walk Sunday so they played without me, no doubt why we lost….okay again, that’s in my head. Anyway, I’m guessing I’ll play this summer, I think we need more women on the team.

Today was totally strange though, my brain could not connect to my mouth… Here’s the Top 5 Highlights This Morning:

1. Has to be the “you’re listening to kf…ceee….kexp…” Oh man, I’m not sure if I had bucked of chicken on the brain or what. My buddy worked there when we were growing up, told me how they make those nuggets or whatever they call em. Dear lord man, with kind of knowledge it wasn’t hard to go veggie.

2. I just played the new Scotland Gospel Choir demo and said “the new record which kexp will be putting out…..I mean, that a label will be putting out…” We work hard enough to put out our comps, I’d hate to tell the staff we’re signing bands now. It would rule but no, that’s not the plan. WTF was wrong with me?

3. Alexi Murdoch skipping. Now this one wasn’t my fault, in fact it was my highlight as I was able to mix in the instudio version of “Orange Sky” in a matter of seconds. Thus showing my physical DJ Ninja skills that require no thought. Anything that required thought today was useless.

4.The legendary KEXP Emergency Alert Test. It didn’t go off like it was supposed to. If there is an emergency, go somewhere else, trust me on this. Although we love PLAYING Thee Emergency.

5. There was a 5th thing but that’s how this day is going, I totally forgot.

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