Old 97’s, Sufjan Stevens, Arcade Fire!

Sufjan Stevens at Sasquatch, The Gorge – 5/27/06
Photo Courtesy of Gregory Perez

Pick 3 is back this week after a short hiatus. Here’s how it works… Every Monday at 8 am, John In The Morning brings a listener on the air to Pick 3. You just need to pick 3 songs that have a theme or mean something to you. The more creative you are the better!

This week’s picks are from Ryan of Maple Valley, WA. Here’s a little about Ryan and his picks:

Timebomb by the Old 97’s
John Wayne Gacy, JR. by Sufjan Stevens
Neighborhood #3 by the Arcade Fire

“I am a goofy white guy, with a great wife and a wonderful baby daughter. I love music and KEXP has helped me discover more music. I will be moving from Maple Valley to the Chicago area in Late June and I will really miss listening to KEXP in my car.
I would never have been into any of these bands or at least 90% of the stuff that constitutes by library if it wasn’t for KEXP. Timebomb is one of the first songs that I remember hearing on KEXP (KCMU at the time) and it got me hooked on the station.

I moved away for a few years and this was before the internet broadcast and every time I would come back to visit, I would listed to KEXP as much as possible so I could buy good music before I went back to the culturally devoid airways in Vegas.

John Wayne Gacy, Jr. is one of the creepiest but beautiful songs I have ever heard. When it was performed live at the listener lunch, I went numb. It was amazing to see Sufjan live, even though I did not know much about his work before the show and KEXP is responsible for that. Even though the song makes me fear clowns even more, it is amazing.

I really should not have to list a reason to play any Arcade Fire song but here it goes. At the KEXP Yule Benefit this song was played with such emotion, I will never get that image out of my head. I had chills listening to it and when I looked around, everyone else had the same dumb look on their faces that I did.

This list of reasons shows that I am a KEXP whore and I am ok with that. Since I am moving away again, I know that I can at least listen online. I will miss volunteering at the station and going to the KEXP events, but I will not be without the music. Thank you KEXP for everything.”

Listen to a few songs from this week’s artists:

Old 97’s – Adelaide (MP3)
Old 97’s – Friends Forever (MP3)
Old 97’s – In The Satelite Rides The Stars (WMA, Real)
Old 97’s – New Kid (WMA, Real)

Sufjan Stevens – Holland (MP3)

Arcade Fire – Wake Up (M3U)
Arcade Fire – Rebellion (Lies) (M3U)
Arcade Fire – Neighborhood #2 (Laika) (MU3)

A big thanks to you Ryan, it’s nice to be able to connect people with all different kinds of music!

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