Green Tea vs. Red Bull… Day 3!

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Let’s get it going!

It’s Day 3 of the Summer Pledge Drive! My pitch partner for the drive is DJ Jo, the newest member of our on-air staff. By day Jo is a powerhouse attorney. When she has time (and when we need her!) she fills in for various DJs. We’re lucky to have her here. And I’m lucky she’s my pitch partner! Some people might think we’re the Odd Couple. To get jacked up for our show Jo pounds down a couple of Red Bulls and a cupcake. Or two. Me? I go with the white tea for the smooth buzz. And maybe a bagel.

Jo accuses me of being a hippie. As a lawyer, she should have more of an open mind. Just because I have the hair and the tea and the vitamins … and the meditation routine … and the yoga … doesn’t mean a thang. Listen to the music I play. I don’t like the Grateful Dead. Punk rock saved me! On the other hand, Jo. I’ve known Jo for 14 years. When she was a punk rock part-timer at Rev 105 in Minneapolis where I was the program director, I was always busting Jo for slipping in her favorite punk rock artists like Avail. Then Jo goes all corporate and becomes a lawyer. She’s still cool though and I love having her on the air.

Hope you enjoy today’s show! We’re getting our tea and our Red Bull ready to go on the air soon. We’re pumped for today’s show and hope that you’re going to come through for us. Pledge!

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  1. afm
    Posted June 14, 2006 at 2:49 pm | Permalink

    AVAIL! i haven’t heard anyone mention them in a long time. i used to go see them in richmond, VA. rock!

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