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First, thank you to every single one of you who’ve picked up the phone or gotten online to support KEXP this week during our Summer pledge drive. We could not do what we do without you and I know you hear that a lot during these drives, but it’s so true. Being member supported enables us to keep doing what we do and from the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for making it happen. S, after you make your pledge, you can get out for a killer weekend of local music! Here are my recommendations:

Photo courtesy of Visqueen

1. Tonight @ The Tractor Tavern in Ballard: Visqueen, Llama & The Rheas.

Talk about a band that’s seen the impact of KEXP. Visqueen formed a few years ago out of a friendship between the sassy frontwoman of Hafacat, Rachel Flotard and long time Seattle vet, Kim Warnick of the Fastbacks. Adding in one of the best drummers in town, Ben Hooker, there was no way this was going to be anything but awesome. And it is. They’ve released 2 records (King Me & Sunset on Dateland) chalk full of pop rock goodness and have a 3rd in the works (I can’t wait!!). Melodies and harmonies that will swirl in your head for days, with a punk like speed that WILL shake your ass, even in Seattle.

They are a working band, touring constantly. They’ve told us how grateful they are for KEXP, as they hear from fans all across the country who have come out to see them play after discovering them on our station. Because of their schedule, a Seattle show with this band pretty special. They don’t play here all that often, so I always get out to see them when they do.

Llama is also on the bill. Rusty Willoughby is no stranger to this town having formed some pretty amazing bands in the past. Pure Joy and Flop are musical history in this town and I’m so glad he’s still writing great songs and playing for us. They played one of our Audioasis live at the High Dive show and I highly recommend getting out to see them.

I’ve never seen the Rheas, so it will be a discovery of a new band for me. I listened to a few tunes on their MySpace page and am looking forward to it! Pretty pop songs with some harmonica, harmonies and a bit of a Beach Boys influence.

Drink your water and get your rest after this show because you’ll need all you’ve got for Saturday’s show at the Crocodile.

Thee Emergency.jpg
Thee Emergency at the KEXP Yule Benefit, Neumos – 12/16/05
Photo courtesy of Greg Perez

2. Tomorrow @ The Crocodile Cafe: Thee Emergency, The Cops & Iceage Cobra. This is Thee Emergency’s CD Release Party for their debut full length Can You Dig It?

I love Thee Emergency. They put on a high energy rock show, they bring it every time, giving their all to every show they play. I can only imagine that their CD Release Party, the celebration of the musical baby they’ve been working so hard to birth is going to be off the charts. They’re covering all of their bases with an all ages show at 4pm and a 21+ show at 9pm.

They’ve also invited a few sweet local bands to play with them. First, The Cops, who’ve been working, touring and playing their asses off to support they’re great new record Get Good or Stay Bad. Not alot of bands will get a comparison to The Clash and live up to it, but these guys have and do. I also love watching John Randolph bounce, jump and flail himself around in those rad red pants.

The other band on the bill is one to watch. You haven’t heard a lot about them yet, but I guarantee you, you will. They’re called Iceage Cobra and are long time friends of Thee Emergency, who moved to Seattle from Spokane at Thee Emergency’s insistence. I saw one of their very first shows in Seattle and was so excited about them. Their lead singer reminded me of a young Jack Black with the same spazzy attitude that drew people in instantly.

Thee Emergency & Iceage Cobra all live together in a house (oh to be a fly on the wall there) and have a “who can rock harder” competitiveness between them. They once played a show together at the Stanwood Hotel…Iceage Cobra’s lead singer, Jordan hung himself upside down by his feet, playing guitar and singing all the while to finish out their set. Not to be outdone, Thee Emergency then took the stage and played their entire set with 2 of the 4 members completely naked. Now THAT’S a rock

I’m pretty sure you’ll be kicking yourself if you don’t make it to one of these shows on Saturday. All of these bands have been championed by KEXP, by DJs who love good music, by people who care a great deal about their community and want to see good things happen for these up and comers. You wouldn’t be able to hear them otherwise.

So get out and show them the love Seattle has for their local bands and don’t forget to pledge your support to KEXP. Keep community radio that makes a difference alive. I’ll be at these shows too, so I’ll see you there and you BETTER be dancing your asses off!

Thanks for supporting great radio and local music.

Till next time…

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