Three Imaginary Girls make their picks!

The next week Seattle will host a benefit carnival, an indie-supergroup and an all-ages show for the ages. Get out there!

3girlsmod.jpg“Benefit Carnival For JoJo” — New Fangs/Vomiting Unicorns/Rotten Apples/TV Coahran/DJ Greasy/Rikki Pajamas, Sunset (Friday, June 23)
Like it or not, creatively-employed folks tend to get the shaft when it comes to the basics like health insurance, and when things go wrong, they rely on friends to help out. So when Josh Ayala of the Vomiting Unicorns wrote and told us about the benefit show he was hosting for a friend of his, we knew we had to spread the good word. And what a word it is! Check out all the fun and madness going on at this show – a carnival with kissing booth, balloon artist, fortune teller, raffle, games, rides, ticks and the kick-off of the BALLARD MUSTACHE REBELLION 2006 (we aren’t sure we even want to know what that last one is!). Plus you have a stellar lineup including local punk-pop darlings New Fangs, the Rotten Apples, the aforementioned Vomiting Unicorns (best. band. Name. EVAH.), TV Coahran, DJ Greasy, and your host Rikki Pajamas. It’s all going down at the Sunset in Ballard, admission is $10, and all proceeds benefit an injured friend. Have at it!

Pink Mountain (not to be confused with the Pink Mountaintops), El Corazon (Friday, June 23)
The musical resume for California based band, Pink Mountain, is impressive to say the least. Sam Coomes (Quasi, Blues Goblin), Gino Robair (Tom Waits, Splatter Trio), Kyle Bruckmann (Lozenge), Scott Rosenberg (P.A.F.), John Shiurba (Eskimo, Molecules) make up this New-Pornographers-of-improvisational-Prog-rock quinetet. Each member of the group brings the rock and the weird together into an abusive marriage of unclassifiable, screeching guitar and fitful hysteria. Not since 1985 has rock guitar, keyboard, and brass instruments lived together in such tense bliss. Listening to their latest album is like walking down the middle of the street in NYC. It’s hard to differentiate the numerous sounds and voices into separate entities, but it’s exciting and adventurous. A bit of warning: those who are used to quieter pastures may find it to be a bit of an aural overload. Don’t you need to start off your weekend right with a little Pink Mountain?

She Wants Revenge/Ima Robot/Mellowdrone, The Premier (Thursday, June 29)
If world domination could be achieved through association, the evening’s openers Mellowdrone (from LA, CA) would have every major label lined up at their door. Mellowdrone started when then-20-year-old prodigious singer/guitarist/songwriter Jonathan Bates left school to tour with ex-Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr. Since then, the four-member version of Mellowdrone has played with bigtimers the Killers and Elbow. Mellowdrone’s Sparklehorse layerings and Stellastarr* panache creates a sound that disarm even the most stoic of prankster. Ima Robot‘s brand of electro-rap vocals over punk’d synthed-out rock is reminiscent of a Bloodhound Gang without the frat boy cheapshots. Rather, they use their hooks and feistiness for good and discuss things like politics and their ex-girlfriends. Also from LA, CA, this based band has built up a hearty following with their wild stage antics and relentless tour ethic and surely will not disappoint on this all-ages Thursday night show.

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(Three Imaginary Girls is a Seattle-based website that showcases the great music of the Northwest to music lovers worldwide. We post a Seattle live show calendar to help you fill your day-planner with loads of great shows. ig Liz also bakes a mean vegan chocolate chip cookie.)

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