DJ Michele’s Airplay Tips – Part 1

Photo courtesy of Michele Myers, taken at the Leopard Lounge

As a musician, I know what it’s like to put your art out into the world. And after years here at KEXP, I know what it’s like to receive hundreds of CDs from all kinds of musicians. So over the years I’ve developed some helpful tips for people trying to get their music played on KEXP.

I’m going to share these tips with you in three blog parts. Please keep in mind that these tips are just suggestions from one DJ at one (very individual) radio station and are by no means applicable to all DJs or all radio stations. Best of luck! DJ Michele


1. Any radio person you send to gets tons of CDs each month. Your CD is one in stacks of hundreds that come to the station each week. Be patient, persistent and gracious about the extra time it may take the person to find your CD in the pile, and to develop a listening relationship to your music.

2. Send your CD to the Music Director and every DJ that you think might like it. (In general, when starting out, it’s a good idea to give a CD to any music-related person you know.) Give them two even, one to pass on. Don’t hesitate in giving out promos. Think of it as an investment in yourself.

I’m always surprised when I hear a musician say “I sent my disc into KEXP and it didn’t get played”. Of all places, KEXP is the easiest place to get something good played. We have 30 DJs. And every one has different tastes, and is allowed to play your CD if they want to. Send any DJ that plays your style of music a copy of your disc. E-mail them and ask for their advice (everybody likes to give advice).

3. It’s not a good idea to call in and request your CD. It looks really unprofessional. If it is a good song it will get played. You won’t have to ask. DJ’s can tell when it’s the band calling. Really.

4. After you send in your one-sheet and disc, follow up by phone or e-mail. Most MDs only take record promo calls at certain hours or certain days. If you get voicemail, state your case, then say you will call back at a certain time the next week, then do just that.

5. Ask the MD if the disc will be in rotation. If it will not, ask him if he has any advice. Note what he says and be very gracious and professional. If it is going into rotation, thank him and let him know you appreciate the support.

More to come soon!

DJ Michele Myers hosts “Nite Life” every Friday night at 9 pm

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  1. Posted June 30, 2006 at 12:38 pm | Permalink

    Nice post Michele!

    In regards to #3……We really are all music GEEKS! We love music and if we hear something we like, we are GOING to play it. Our listeners are just like us and if they hear something they like, they’re going to ask for it.

    Email and phone campaigns are damaging more than anything else. Follow up is GREAT, but know that if we like it, we play it.

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