Another AWESOME broadcast! (part 1)

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Awesome, KEXP’s Audioasis at High Dive – 7/1/06

I’m sitting in my house after my boyfriend and I built a home made air conditioner, which is working out pretty well. Who knew you could do so much with tubing, a bucket and some ice water? It may just make Summer bearable and our dog is loving it.

I’m listening to the disc “Delaware” that Even from Awesome gave me last night. What a talented ensemble.

The Audioasis benefit for International Rescue Committee last night was incredible! I swear, these nights just keep getting better!

I met up with the crew at the high dive around 5pm, as we usually do, to get all set up. Julia was engineering the show and Richard and Trevor were helping us with the online playlist and general behind the scenes madness. As usual, thanks so much to them, as we’d be nowhere without their help! Cheryl Waters came down, as did DJ Shannon, Deb, Andrew, our online content coordinator and many many other familiar faces. Our listeners are the best!

Sean likes to keep us on our toes, typically showing up very close to show time. We took bets. I said 5:54, Julia said 5:50 and Abe said 5:45. Abe won…Sean walked in at 5:45 on the nose.

Sean, Abe and I kicked the broadcast off at 6pm. Each one of these shows, one of us takes the lead in regards to what CDs to play, when to go on the air, etc. This time around it was Sean. John was under the weather, so he wasn’t able to make it…being sick in this heat is no fun and our thoughts were with him.

This was my first time seeing Awesome. I’d heard SO many good things from people around town, from Julian, one of our engineers and from Sean as well. I was very excited to see what it was all about and they did not disappoint. Their bass player Basil (said “bazzle”) had been on his honeymoon, had a flight delay and despite renting a car to try and get
here, wasn’t able to play. Typically a 7 piece band, Awesome made due with 6, and very well, I might add. On stage they had keys, trumpet, banjo, guitar, bass, a tiny little drum kit and mandolin. They had many other instruments in the mix including one of those little blow into and play keyboards. It looks like a keyboard trumpet. That sounds good, keyboard trumpet, I’ll call it that.

Awesome played a very entertaining set of songs with lyrics that covered math, the alphabet and how long you’re supposed to wait before calling someone after getting their number. That song also included how hard that wait can be. I was so impressed and I’m tellin’ ya, not many can get away with the alphabet sung in 4 part harmonies, but they do. My friend Gavin was with me and said “This is like if Cake and Ben Folds had a baby” to which either Julian or Abe said “yea, with a little bit of E.L.O. in there.” I highly recommend you get out to see them.

I laughed as I told them that they were Awesome. I wasn’t trying to be clever or cute because of their name, that’s just a word I frequently, if not overly use. But I do love that they get to say “Hi, we’re Awesome”, that’s pretty sweet. I shared a pretty cool “we love this song” moment with Evan later in the night during John Roderick, that’s coming in a bit.

More to come on the rest of the evening…


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  1. Posted July 9, 2006 at 12:22 pm | Permalink

    This is a fabulous review. Lisa, you are an ACE! I couldn’t have said it better myself about how wonderful these guys are. Can’t wait to catch another show of Awesome. Fun fun fun!!

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