Audioasis from High Dive (part 2)

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Love Battery, KEXP’s Audioasis at High Dive – 7/1/06

The anticipation I’d had all week for Love Battery’s set had hit it’s threshold. I almost couldn’t believe we were going to get to see this band reuninted and it was everything I hoped it would be. They had a sweet visual show put on from the side with lots of strange imagery to back up the incredible set. They were sooooooo good! It was loud, it rocked and the harmonies were all that I remembered them being. We’d wondered who would be in on drums, since Love Battery had a few and it was the one and only Mike Musburger (Fastbacks, Posies, Eddie Spaghetti’s band, Flop). I was thrilled to meet the guys and we got confirmation that they are indeed back together, and not just for a few shows. AWESOME!! This is a band that has not only withstood a long, long career, but have done it so well, still sounding like the cream of the Seattle crop.

Up next were the Memphis Radio Kings. I was looking forward to their set, as well. They’ve been a band for quite some time and have progressed so well. I think their latest album is some of their best work. They put on a really fun, upbeat set. I think I even saw some heads bobbin’ and butts shakin’. That’s a tough one in Seattle, but the Kings did it. I had a really great talk with a listener named John who was a big fan of theirs. He said he used to be a truck driver, saw a KEXP sticker one day, tuned in and has never tuned out. Gave me goose bumps, I love hearing those stories. He’s since started entrenching himself in the local music scene (which I commended him for) and was raving about The Memphis Radio Kings. They were a great live band and I really enjoyed their set.

John Roderick (or Johnny Roderick as it said on the sandwich board outside of the High Dive) came to play a solo set. During the broadcast we asked him if he had anything to say to the listeners. He replied with a plea for people to send their donation of support to KEXP. He thought it was still the pledge drive…..Oh John, what to do with you.

One of my favorite Seattle songmen, I positioned myself within’ the first 2-3 rows from the stage and wound up next to Evan, from Awesome. John was his charming, funny, talented self and pretty much had the room at attention. People were shouting out requests and he obliged many of them. Gavin and I wanted a reprise of the “Whole Lotta Rosie” cover he did at The Showbox last year on Audioasis, I shouted it out, but he very promptly denied that one. I figured it was a long shot, and the set he did play was fantastic. Cinnamon, Medicine Cabinet Pirate, Ultimatum, The Commander Thinks Aloud, Bride and Bridle to name a few. Evan (from Awesome) and I were commenting on how much we love the harmonies in “Stupid” from the “When I pretend to Fall” record. He played that song and from our spot in the 2nd or 3rd row, we starated singing out the harmony parts…a few people turned around and I thought to myself “crap, we’re totally ruining this song for them” until a girl said “that sounded so cool!”…awesome. Literally.

Due to an early Sunday morning wake up call approaching, I had to go after John’s set, missing The Valley. It was midnight and I knew if I stayed, I’d ruin myself for the next day. Ah, the joys of getting older. I used to be able to operate on very little, if any sleep at all! Not happenin’ anymore, unfortunately. I ran into Ben from the Swingline (The Valley’s label) and graciously thanked him for understanding that I had to go. I myself was super bummed because they always put on a blistering, high energy live show. I’m sure they did and if anyone out there wants to send in a review, email it to me!

Thanks again to the High Dive, Railey’s Leash & Treat (for putting up with our soundchecks), to Amy Bauer, Julia, Richard, Trevor, Deb and all of you that support these shows, making them such a huge success for the charities. We couldn’t do it without you. We’re thrilled to have helped The International Rescue Committe this time around. Such nice people!

Thanks for supporting local music!

‘Till next time…


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