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3girlsmod.jpgYou Say Party! We Say Die!/Velella Velella/Argo, Seattle Center Amphitheatre, 4 pm free (Saturday, July 8 )
Vancouver band, You Say Party! We Say Die! (wait, Canadians aren’t suppose to be hostile) is playing a free late afternoon show to benefit the Vera Project (and you’re all invited). You Say Party! We Say Die sound at times like early Pretty Girls Make Graves, and at other times like Rainer Maria, with a smidge of Mates of State keyboard thrown in. All the while, front woman Becky Ninkovic’s vocals caulk the songs from beginning to end. Just when you think you have a grasp on their sound, they mix it up; not just from track to track, often the metamorphosis happens mid-song. If that band name alone isn’t enough to get you to the show, maybe these nuggets of knowledge will: they were in a bike gang before they were a band, and their patented technique to songwriting is as follows: Drink, practice, drink practice, drink, practice, fall down!

They’re playing with local band, Argo, who has recently come out of their hiatus which they spent looking for a new drummer. They ended up snagging Andrew Squire from Spanish for 100. With drummer firmly in place, they’ve been busy planning their CD release party scheduled for sometime mid-October. Maybe we’ll hear a couple of tracks on Saturday.

Word on the street is that Seattle’s very own super sexy double dutch team, the Tina Turners, will be performing as well. Hot Diggity!

Tullycraft/Racetrack/Parenthetical Girls-album release, Sunset (Saturday, July 8 )
Parenthetical Girls showcases a rotating cast of characters from local notables (The Dead Science, Xiu Xiu) led by Pacific Northwest wordsmith Zac Pennington. This show celebrates the release of their new album, Safe as Houses, which features Pennington’s emotional yet disquieting storytelling. Their songs evoke a strange sense of nostalgia, yet the tone and themes are freakishly modern… like a Decemberists record gone oh so wrong. But instead of faking a British accent (like his Portland anti-counterpart), Pennington assumes the female gender for both his lyrical content and apparently, his fashion sense. It should be delightfully odd; come see the spectacle and pick up your own designer copy (designing by local hotshot artist/heart-throb Corianton Hale). Seattle’s Tullycraft and Bellingham’s Racetrack round out this fabulous local music showcase with their uniquely delightful pop sensibilities. (In the interest of complete disclosure, we must add that Three Imaginary Girls are the proud sponsors of this show).

Tilly & The Wall/Now It’s Overhead/Jason Anderson, Paradox (Tuesday, July 11)
Tilly & The Wall have disarmed the hipster faction into giddy mess. The band is touring in support of their critically acclaimed second album, Bottoms of Barrels and, rumor is, they leave a cuddly, dancey troop of followers in the wake of each town they visit. More than just cute, they’re a concoction chock full of shimmering vocals, tambourine, hand claps, and the high caliber of indie rock cred that comes with being one of the early Team Love signings (founded by Bright Eyes‘ Conor Oberst). Opening the night will be the introspective minimalist meanderings of the Wolf Colonel himself, Jason Anderson and Saddle Creek’s synth-laden poppers from Athens, GA – Now It’s Overhead. Watch out, group hug alert at the all-ages show!

Pleasurecraft-album release/New Grey Area/DJ Colby B/DJ Dead Air, Baltic Room (Wednesday, July 12)
Nothing says dance your sweaty ass off midweek like a Pleasurecraft/New Grey Area double whammy at W:I:R:E:, Seattle’s premiere Wednesday night hipster dance party. Pleasurecraft should be in extra fine form, as this night celebrates the release of their second full-length, This is a Blackout. Depeche Mode fans, beware – we haven’t heard electro-pop like this since Violator.

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(Three Imaginary Girls is a Seattle-based website that showcases the great music of the Northwest to music lovers worldwide. We post a Seattle live show calendar to help you fill your day-planner with loads of great shows. ig Liz also bakes a mean vegan chocolate chip cookie.)

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