Rick Dees? Yes… Rick Dees.

John-Arlie-Dance Party2.jpg
With Arlie at the Kids Dance Party, courtesy of Greg Perez

Tired. I must be tired. Its not right getting up this early. I’m sure of it now. My friends warned me but now I know its totally created a new John, this really sleep deprived John that never really recovers from it anymore. One day I’ll get a few good nights of sleep and it will be 2017. Which is great, I won’t remember anything….but suddenly my son will be 13 and probably a dick like his dad was at that age. I need more cute time before that happens. Although he’s so cute right now its crazy BUT its mixed with almost being 2 and that’s not so cute. Who knew that something like…oh I don’t know…wanting a pencil of the table would mean an hour of yelling when he can’t have it. I try to explain he’ll jam it in his eyeball but what he hears is:

“blah blah wagga wagga blah boo boo blah blah NO PENICIL icky blicky blah blah”.

The funny thing is that’s actually how I talk at home so he’s pretty much getting the message. Its that lack of sleep I bet if I were on in the afternoon I’d be a totally sucky DJ because I’d be awake. Although Kevin is the most awake man I’ve ever met and he does a great job in the afternoon. Its all that tea and clean livin! Oh and he sold his soul to the devil. Not many people know that, its a fun fact. He’s actually 400 years old and explains his vast knowledge of music. To kill him its like highlander but you don’t cut off his head you make him listen to the Bruce Hornsby and the Range for 24 hours straight while smashing his record collection in front of his face with a marble statue of Rick Dees. Another fun fact.

Yes, I have seen a marble statue of Rick Dees. Don’t even go there.

Oh! One more thing. I’ve finally come out of the closet. The accordian folk band closet. While not a big closet, its big enough for me….and my sweet ass accoridan.

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