Pick 3: Le Tigre, Stevie Wonder, Lovage

Le Tigre, courtesy of littlelittlesister

John’s back from vacation and so is Pick 3. Here is Heather’s picks from this morning…

Le Tigre, “Deceptacon”; Stevie Wonder, “Sir Duke”; Lovage, “Stroker Ace”

“KEXP has helped me make friends. While earning my bfa in various art schools, I would work long hours at night in the art building (like most students) and I would always be listening to music. Art students sometimes have a stereo-type of being pretentious, but music provided a connection and instant conversation topic. I would choose the music based on my mood or the project I was working on, so sometimes it was loud and blasting and sometimes it was soft and mellow. People would wander into the room and comment on the music, and it would turn into a conversation. I met several good friends this way. I would sometimes be walking by a room where music was blaring from as well, or hear a song echoing through the empty hallways and stop in to chat with other students. Music and art will always go hand in hand for me.

I chose Le Tigre because I had one funny memory where I met 2 girls while working on an etching in the printmaking area. I am glad it turned out to be positive, because I was kind-of caught up in “the zone” and had this album (self-titled from ’99) on repeat! They popped their heads into the room and it turned into an hour-long conversation about riot grrls…

Lovage, I chose because I had been up for about 2 days straight screen-printing posters for a Death Cab show coming to my school. It was about midnight, and I was listening to that album and this guy from the painting studio below me popped his head in and asked, “Is that Mike Patton?” Lovage scored me his phone number!

I had bought the album, Songs in the Key of Life, on cd because I had a copy on vinyl that I had swiped from my parents and wanted to bring it to the art building. Music was such a bonding element between the art students. It didn’t matter what medium you were working in or what preconceptions were had-designers, print makers, painters, multi-media. Everyone would stop in and sing along to Stevie!”

– Heather

Heather has been listening to the station for 12 years and is… a graphic designer for a little company that makes gameboys, a volvo enthusiast, a dog owner, and a pretty bad spanish speaker… Thanks again Heather!

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  1. Posted August 7, 2006 at 9:20 pm | Permalink

    Anyone who gets Lovage worked in to my morning commute is awesome. This seriously made my day.

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