The BBQ rundown.

Thee Emergency-Dita Vox.jpg
Dita Vox of Thee Emergency, KEXP BBQ-8/13/06, courtesy of Chad Syme

How’d you like the sexy post BBQ DJ voice? Usually I save that for a couple of nights out in a row at a live remote in NYC but busted it out after a great time at the BBQ. It was destroyed from talking to so many people to be honest with you! The rest of the destruction was in the form of beer and in the form of a 2 year old. Here’s the rundown.

Sunday Aug 13th
-6:45AM Wake up to my son reading “Go Dog Go” in the other room. This is a good sign for a number of reasons. 6:45 is a hour later then when he usually gets up and nearly three hours later then when I get up on the weekdays. Plus “Go Dog Go” is a classic story of dogs that…well, that go. You should see em, all driving cars and shit. They really do go.

-7-11:30AM BBQ prep time. Which means keeping my son busy for that amount of time. I just got a bag of rocks and tacks and stuff and poured it on the floor and let him go to town. Actually I had to get a hammer and pound one of the nails in our hardwood floors down and did this in front of him. Of course now he wants the hammer more then anything he’s ever wanted in his life AND he thinks its okay to pound the crap out of the floor with it or his toys or the cat or anything else he can find. Rookie mistake dad. Rookie mistake

-11:30AM-12:30PM. Tiffany puts Arlie down for his nap, I believe another round of “Go Dog Go” takes place, I stay downstairs confident in the knowledge that I know how this turns out. War of the Worlds comes on, I watch it not convinced Tom Cruise is really afraid of the spaceships but rather happy to see his friends he grew up with finally make it to earth to wipe us simple folk out. Luckily its time to go.

-1PM: Park in the lot and notice not a lot of people are at the station for the tours?

-1:05PM Arrive at the BBQ for some “prefunk”! Yeah I said it! Prefunk!!!

-1:06PM Beer

-1:08PM Some sort of Rum drink our webmaster Jason pours me from a container

-1:09PM Another some sort of Ru, drink our webmaster Jason pours me from a container.

-1:09:30PM I ask Jason what’s in it and why does it go down so easy. He says “Rum, lemonaide…and something else that’s really good”

-1:10PM Another some sort of Ru, drink our webmaster Jason pours me from a container.

-1:10-2PM Continue the drinking and the talking backstage with some of the people that support the station along with music people around town. All is well. Except I just realized I’ve had 3 fig newmans to eat the entire day. Trouble. I eat some sort of tofu thing on a stick and call it good.

-2-3PM Wait for Arlie to arrive. He’s back home sleeping. Thank God we taught him how to drive. He’s 2. Its impressive. Actually he has an escort this time, just in case he gets loaded. Hear the tours are out of control and we need more people there to lead the tours. Realize that that we should have planned for that.

-3PM Arlie arrives backstage, sees the giant stage and screams “OH WOW!” This confirms that the stage beats Go Dog Go hands down.

-3PM The place is filling up and the sun is shining bright. The bands backstage are really nice and I’ve located a keg that’s free. Its looking like a great day is in store. I get up on stage with my son (mistake as now he’s had a taste and never wants off) and introduce one of THE best bands in the city Thee Emergency!

-3-3:45PM Thee Emergency play, my son is let loose and he runs RIGHT up to the front of the stage and says “OH WOW!” thus confirming the second he decides to be a rock star. Dad couldn’t be prouder. Except that his son might be going deaf (and yes I know there are kid earplugs but The Arlie doesn’t roll with earplugs…or a hat…or anything that he finds annoying…sometimes that can be pants or a shirt or a diaper)

-3:45-4:15PM Darek Mazzone spins in a FANTASTIC hat. Great mix. Someone from one of the bands looks at my schedule and says “who is this ‘Darek spinning’ band and why do they get to play 4 times” Also during this time, Arlie decides to hang out with Thee Emergency backstage and they let him play with their drums. He also discovers Devotchka’s tuba and guitar. Then figures out he can run under the stage. My wife and I look at one another and give each other “the look”. “The Look” is this thing where you both know you’ve just entered yet another bad situation that no one else will understand. In this case we now know that a great deal of our afternoon will be spent trying to get him out of the “Under the stage” area which, unless you’re 3 feet tall isn’t easy.

-4:15PM I introduce Devotchka and Arlie gets on stage again, this time Travis our AWESOME stage manager keeps up with him and stops him from stage diving, which is clearly printed on a sign to my left as I’m talking. Place if filling up, more drunk screaming, all good signs.

-4:15-5PM: Devotchka rules. I keep trying to get Arlie to watch from the park but he keeps running backstage. I declare he’s a music snob and let Tiffany deal with him and go find the free keg. Arlie runs in, pours a bottle of water on the dirt floor and runs out. Everyone looks at me like its my fault. Please. I’m not the music snob HE is. I’m just trying to drink my beer. Later Arlie comes back in, pours beer on his hand, licks it off and screams “oh wow! mmmmmm!”. Great. 13 years before I did that. Great.

-5-5:30PM: A lot of chasing the boy around and hanging out. At some point his girlfriend Clementine shows up. Arlie starts to show off. The two of them form a mosh pit and run in circles tossing cheese bunnies all over the place. They are the youngest people back there by about 20 years I think. This makes me laugh as everyone needs more of that kind of mosh pit in their life. Then I realize, I still haven’t eaten anything. Trouble.

-5:30PM: Intro Ghostland Observatory and also call out Kevin Cole in the audience telling everyone how brave he is wearing white pants. Not sure what it means but think its pretty funny. The rum is talking at this point. Good times.

-5:30-6:15PM: Holy hell Ghostland brings it. In the back of my mind I’m thinking “man, what if they don’t play like I’ve said they would about 1000 times on the air, i’ll be killed! i better have another drink”. By the time I come back I see about 2000 people freaking out. I realize I really wasn’t worried nor should have been. Darek is backstage and declares them to be genius. I’m just happy to be near his fantastic hat. I stand on a chair and then watch Arlie’s 10 or so tries to get on stage, finally he makes it and watch people laugh.

-6:15PM: Arlie and my wife give up and leave. Okay, we give up and she has to take him home. Which sucks, Tiffany loves the Long Winters but to be honest with you she hasn’t eaten either and Arlie’s diaper hasn’t been changed in like 4 or 5 hours. Not good. It appears that his ass might have actually exploded. I wish them well and find that free keg again. Later I learn he refused to let her take the diaper off so she put him in the sink and yanked it off. Then he had to be hosed down. I find the diaper on the kitchen counter hours later and realize for the first time, “good thing I haven’t eaten in 10 hours”.

-6:15-6:45PM: I can’t remember this part, I think just a lot of talking with people…and not running after Arlie.

6:45-7:45PM: Long Winters bring it. I make my way out and talk to dozens of people who couldn’t be nicer. I start to lose my voice and start hearing we ran out of veggie food. Good thing I didn’t try to eat. Walk out around 7:30PM to John from Long Winters hundreds of feet away talking some smack about me. Laugh to myself, walk through the park to the station and make my way home very happy about life, our station, our event and the fact that that monster diaper has probably been changed and a little “Go Dog Go” is being read to my beautiful boy at home.

Will have pictures VERY soon, trust me.

Thanks to everyone who was there! SUCH a great time.

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  1. Posted August 15, 2006 at 6:48 pm | Permalink

    it was a FUN DAY!!!
    i wrote about it in my blog too…and i love getting my daily john-in-the-morning blog feeds via
    here’s my blog link which goes everywhere else…
    i’m happy to support this story with the pictures…thanks your support of my work

  2. Posted August 16, 2006 at 5:59 pm | Permalink

    I remember well those nasty ripe diapers from changing (i won’t even add room) hell…they were still working in that whole public restroom changing table for baby thing, when my gal was clementine and arlie’s age. combine nasty public restroom, hot day and changing nasty ass-explosion, and you’ve got a blog worth commenting, too bad i didn’t write it. and it wouldn’t make a very pretty painting or photo. the literary visual is sufficient. Ewwww. as for the dogs… its true in my world too, it’s just such a fun read…. in dog we trust. (;-D)
    \C) heh heh heh
    thanks for such a great day with my own kid…great days, (and the time and money to enjoy them) doesn’t happen as much as i would like and i’m always grateful when it does.

  3. Moby
    Posted August 18, 2006 at 1:11 pm | Permalink

    John I thought I heard you say you got a haircut! What the heck are you doing, your’e a respectable Record Company executive, bon-vivant and man about town as well as being a husband, father and home owner, dang it all cut that hair! I mean it’s one thing when the station is 40 watts and broadcasting out of a broom closet in the Communications building but when your doing interviews that get on the front page of the PI my God man, you need to look respectable. Your not the flaky, Ultimate Frisbee playing no cares in the world guy anymore, bad haircuts are not allowed. As far as the barbeque goes, I’m too old to chase my 4 year old around all day while trying to see bands so I did not attend. We also had to have our own bbq for my folks to celebrate their 41st anniversary but I would have loved to be there, it looks like it was way cool. Glad that it went well for the station.

  4. John Richards
    Posted August 21, 2006 at 11:36 am | Permalink

    Wait. Who said it was a bad haircut? Long hair doesn’t mean bad hair.

  5. Posted November 9, 2006 at 7:30 pm | Permalink

    If you ever get a chance to, listen to the old audio recording of the original War of the Worlds. It’s pretty good, and people throught it was really happening when they heard it on the radio.

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