Life with Kevin… 1-2 pm.

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Kevin is usually in meetings from the time he arrives at the station until 1:00. The hour between 1:00 and 2:00 is the time that Kevin has lunch and preps for his show that day. Most days are really busy and somewhere around 1:10 he yells out “Holy shit! Look what time it is!” This signifies lunch time. On most days Kevin brings his lunch and heats it in the microwave in the KEXP kitchen. Some days he forgets his lunch and asks me to go to Taco Del Mar to get a burrito for him. Their burritos are really good so I’m always happy to make a TDM run. Kevin always has the vegan wrap on white with refried beans and medium salsa.

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Once lunch is heated, he brings it into the office and opens the Big Black File Cabinet. Kevin got the Big Black File Cabinet earlier this year to house his CDs. There are probably 700 or 800 CDs in there. There’s no organization whatsoever to the CDs, at least that I can see, but it works for Kevin. Sometimes mid-show he’ll have an inspiration and run in looking for something; we’ll have to dig through every single box until we find what Kevin is looking for. He’s always able to tell you exactly what the CD looks like: “it has a white spine with yellow lettering” or “it’s on a comp that has a green cover.” Last week I was lucky and found The Essential Donovan in about a minute, which is a personal best.

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While Kevin eats his lunch he makes a list of music for the intern to get from the library, pulls out boxes of CDs from the BBFC, and sorts out what to play on that day’s show. Kevin also plays songs that he’s thinking of playing to check for profanity (as he did last week with an old Green River track), or to decide which track to play (as he did yesterday with Roxy Music – the answer was ‘The Main Thing’ and it was awesome).

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At around 1:30 Kevin’s intern for that day arrives. The CD lists are usually printed by then so the intern grabs them from the printer and starts pulling music. The intern puts the CDs into one of those brown CD boxes. Kevin loves the CD boxes. At around 1:55 Kevin the boxes of CDs (usually around 6), his papers, the tea bong, and his John in the Morning Mug and heads into the booth to start the show. Then the fun begins… Hands off those fries John Richards!

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