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Live at KEXP Volume 2 is on sale today! The music on the CD is amazing, but we’re also gonzo for the artwork, particularly the gnome. How many CDs have a gnome on the cover? Not many. We decided that our gnome needs a name, and asked listeners for their suggestions at last weekend’s KEXP BBQ. My suggestion was Gnarls, but since I’m not eligible to win, his name will not be Gnarls.

We had hundreds of submissions with great gnome names like Metro Gnome, Gee Nome, and Arlie Richards II. However our prize capacity is limited, so without further ado, here are the winners of the Live at KEXP Volume 2 Gname the Gnome Contest!

Our first runner up is Jason with his suggestion of RumpleKEXPkin! We appreciate Jason’s innovation and use of our call letters in the name. Great job, Jason!

Our second runner up is Sean with his suggestion of Ted Gnugent! We’re quite certain that his inspiration came when Darek Mazzone laid down Cat Scratch Fever somewhere around 4:30. Congratulations to Sean, and thanks to Darek for the fine tunes!

Our gnome is not so much a lawn ornament and has very good manners, but nonetheless we must award a runner up prize to Dan for his submission Lawnshitter. It was good for some laughs around the office. However, if you look at our gnome, he’s obviously not a lawnshitter, so while you don’t win the grand prize, you do get a CD. Thanks, Dan!

All of our runners up will be getting a copy of Live at KEXP Volume 2.

We had two separate submissions of the winning name so we’ll be awarding prizes to Mike and Alexandra for their Gnome Gname … GNORMAN! All of us here at KEXP felt that Gnorman really suits the little fellow. Thanks to Mike and Alexandra for suggesting it. Gnorman will really love his gnew gname and you’ll both be getting a copy of Live at KEXP Volume 2 and another special prize.

Thanks to everyone who entered Gname the Gnome!

The artwork for Live at KEXP Volume 2 is by Columbian artist Catalina Estrada, who graciously donated her work for our CD. Check out all of her work at

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One Comment

  1. Dan
    Posted August 22, 2006 at 2:13 pm | Permalink

    Dear KEXP,

    Let me first start by saying HOLY CRAP. If this was any more awesome it would be on fire. Seriously. This is better than the internet.

    One question though. Live at KEXP volume 2 = RAD, but no bumper sticker? There is a blank spot on my forehead. Please send bumper stickers so i can decorate myself in your honor. I promise i’ll never shower again.

    In conclusion, you guys are awesome. Keep up the awesomeness.

    p.s. I saw it in that gnome’s eyes

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