Even the SWAT team showed up!

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I had the craziest morning yesterday….I was having trouble falling asleep Monday night. I went to bed around 1 or 2am and I’m tossing and turning in bed and just about to fall asleep at 3am when all this commotion starts right in front of my house. About five huge fire trucks come blaring up, 3 aid cars, a bunch of police cars and a some sort of suburban type SUV pulls right in front of my house and immediately sets up as some sort of field. There are red lights flashing and megaphones blaring. I’m thinking, what the fuck?! Then, I bolted completely awake and remembered that my neighbor, who I have know a long time and of whom I am very fond, has taken to camping on his front lawn (don’t ask) and I thought that maybe something happened to him. So, I throw on some clothes and run outside in a panic to see if they’re carting him away in an ambulance or hosing him down cuz he caught on fire or some such thing. But, no, he’s just sitting in his sleeping bag right in the middle of all the commotion and spotlights taking it all in. Once I ascertained that he was okay, I pulled up a lawn chair and we tried to figure out what was going on. Suddenly, this huge ominous-looking truck pulls up. In big letters on the side it says HEAVY CLEANUP. That really made us curious. One time, about 5 years ago, someone very sadly shot themselves in the park across the street and the firetrucks came and hosed the blood away. It was eerie. So, we thought for sure there had been a shooting (not a usual occurance in my neighborhood, by the way). Anyway, about 8 guys started suiting up in these heavy duty dry suits and masks and snorkels and fins. We finally heard that a guy had gone swimming and his friends said he never came out. Swimming at 2am on a Monday night (a not particularly warm Monday night)? Methinks alcohol and/or drugs might enter the story about here. We watched them search the water for about 30 min. It was very dramatic. We were sure he must have drowned after all that time. Finally, one of the command central guys gets on the megaphone and announces that the Harbor Patrol found him. We weren’t sure if that meant they found him alive or not so were were on pins and needles. Ends up he was fine and he was just swimming across the lake to China Harbor (not a very safe endeavor during the day and certainly not in the middle of the night.) Anyway, now it’s 4AM and I’m wide awake and I have to get up at 6am. But, the long and the short of it is that I learned John’s secret to the amazing Morning Show… No Sleep! The show kicked ass today!! Boy, did I crash hard last night though!!

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  1. Damian Riggins
    Posted February 1, 2008 at 9:39 am | Permalink

    i love that story and that fire truck!be safe!

  2. Carlo Acacio
    Posted April 24, 2011 at 8:45 am | Permalink

    Great story … I totally remember that! By the way … I don’t think Seattle Fire would be too happy about the use of a North Bend Engine rather than their own! ;) I’ll be back in Seattle Memorial Day weekend for my cousins wedding – you’ll probably be at the Gorge.

  3. thomas jeffrey smith
    Posted September 30, 2011 at 1:00 pm | Permalink

    hello from colorado again..yup.still here.sure do miss the city..these towns are as surreal as the food and music story and this swat team thing about swimming. i just bought my firs pc this year(april) and using these past weeks while home on short FMLA for some minor surgery and such….yippsee; so it’s great to hear the stonegossard hank selections…i had this bright idea in the kitchen a moment ago to connect my hp to the altec lansing imotion portable boom and log on to kexp..sure hope to get live next and hear you and the others i love at kexp.. i am soon to be less out of touch once i refresh and catch up …love music so much..
    hope to be at one of those meals in the future..this comment is beginning to feel more blahbitty long-letter like so, :”until we tweet again”…
    thanks for being there and writing so much so well and inspiring me as always…

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