Odin rules

Who decided that’s how you spell Wednesednesednessday? They were on crack. Well, I doubt they had crack then but whatever the equivalent of crack was, they were on it. Same dude probably decided to toss that “r” in Februrrururuary.

Actually Wednesday is named to honor Odin, or Woden, chief god in Norse mythology. Onsdag in Sweden and Denmark. Somehow I KNEW it was Odin’s fault. That guy sucks. I know I live in Ballard and he rules with an iron fist of destruction and blah blah but seriously Odin, what’s with the “n” in there? As for February, it’s a Latin word signifying the festivals of purification. WhoTF purifies themselves in February? I do mine in May which is named after the goddess Maia, daughter of Atlas and mother of Mercury and man, if you’re going to purify do it with Maia in mind! Seriously mother of Mercury AND man? I know I’ve had my issues with Mercury in the past but really my hate lies with Neptune and of course, you know I have issues with Uranus.

Never gets old. Never. EVER.

Seriously, in my head that’s funny every time. Like when you see animals on commercials that talk and act like humans. Oh man, always funny. Look at the funny animal speaking like us! Oh man, that’s ORIGNAL EVERY TIME THEY DO THAT! Nothing makes me want to buy a product more then seeing a dog in a suit talking about something really wacky. If they use the word “wacky”? Genius.

Or Taco Bell or Time, I get em mixed up. Trying to force catch phrases on the public. GREAT work. “Good to Go” complete with hand signal!!! YES! That will work because we are ALL TOTAL F’ING IDIOTS and will do this hand signal as we consume grade E beef made of a mixture of Cow balls and pig tails. I mean you have to ASK for the Cowball/Pigtail Grade E taco but man, talk about good to go.

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