Bumbershoot Wrap-Up Day 2

It was a very long day, I was at the Seattle Center for over 13 hours and only saw two Utilikilts. I thought it would be a banner day as the count began immediately with the guy who scanned my ticket at the gate. The only other one I saw was a man wearing the same Utilikilt outfit he had on the day before. The full count stands at five. I’m really curious as to how many I’ll see tomorrow.

I started the day off at the KEXP booth before the gates where open. It was a good time hanging out in the booth with DJ Chilly and volunteer Scott, listening to the Latin jazz sounds of Seattle-based Mambo Cadillac with Tor Dietrichson, which sounded fantastic.

Chilly and Scott at the KEXP booth.

We had KEXP buttons, postcards and posters to give away along with all sorts of information from music advice to directions. The most asked question was if any shower radios where left. They went quickly the day before – all 1200 of ‘em. It’s really nice when someone heads straight to the booth with great enthusiasm, like Don who discovered that KEXP makes his commute from Snohomish to Redmond much more enjoyable.

KEXP volunteer Don, from Snohomish.

I made it over to the Mainstage in time for the last song from The New Pornographers, “Sing Me Spanish Techo”, which is my favorite song off their last album.

It was lovely to take a break from the warm afternoon by ducking into the KEXP broadcast to see the live performance by Cloud Cult, which featured a couple new songs. If you missed the broadcast you can listen to it in the streaming archive until Sept. 17th. Stevie Zoom and Larry did a great job of taking Sunday afternoon’s on KEXP to the live side. Jack Walters also gets a big kudos make sure that things went smoothly.

Shani, Larry, Kate, and Jack at the KEXP secret broadcast location.

Back over to the Mainstage for Spoon and the man in dressed in black, Britt Daniel. Britt sent out a nice shout-out to the station mentioning that KEXP supported Spoon in the beginning and how much he loves the station. There was a group of dancers that started out as five or six people jumping up and down and ballooned into a large circle of very energetic folks dancing in every which way. Maybe the tide is turning in Seattle and we are becoming a city that can move to music instead of standing there doing the head bob.

Spoon-Christopher Nelson.jpg
Britt Daniel of Spoon, photo by Christopher Nelson. Courtesy of Bumbershoot.

Taking a little break from the music, I checked out the End of Summer: Three Views of Bumbershoot, which featured pictures from last year’s festival and my favorite photographer, William Anthony. I recommend checking this exhibit out. Be sure to see the photo of Iggy Pop, I’m not sure how to describe the feeling I had looking at it and would love to hear what other people think of it.

I rounded out the night back at the Mainstage for Blue Scholars and Kanye West. I saw so many people trip and couple people fall on a step by where I was sitting in the bleachers that I was sure I was going to see someone get really hurt. Blue Scholars put on a good show and the crowd was fantastic, nothing like seeing a sea of arms raised with lighters. Then came Kenya to close off the night. To be honest, I’m not very familiar with his music but do like “Gold Digger”.

I was completely exhausted by the time I got home. For the final day of Bumbershoot tomorrow, I’ll be taking it easy and heading over in the late afternoon for Breakestra, Nouvelle Vogue and the show that I’ve been looking forward to since the line-up was announced, The English Beat.

The first time I saw them play was in 1982 when they opened for The Police. At the time Special Beat Service was a tape that didn’t leave my Sony Walkman II and I had to beg my mom to drive a friend and I to Peoria and then sit in the car while we attended what was my first real rock concert. Twenty-four years later I’ll be see them again and will be announcing the show which I am very excited about.

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  1. Posted September 4, 2006 at 2:49 pm | Permalink

    I look pretty… uh, “sleepy” in this photo.

    My favorite Bumbershoot moment – Quilty 3000 meets our brand-new volunteer Scotty.

    Q3000: “Hi, I’m (real name)”

    Scotty: “Hi, I’m Scotty”

    Q3000: “Quilty 3000″

    Scotty: “No, no it’s just Scotty”


  2. shani
    Posted September 4, 2006 at 3:06 pm | Permalink

    i saw at least six utilikilts. they make me unhappy.

    those new cloud cult songs were AWESOME, can’t wait for the new record!

  3. anne dederer
    Posted September 6, 2006 at 6:07 pm | Permalink

    I was there all day every day and only saw three utilikilts ! Frankly I spent much of my time at or near the Backyard Stage in the sun- my faves there ? Mates of State, Jeremy Enigk, Rocky Vottalato, Slender Means and a new find The Like
    great Bumber-madness all weekend long but the freaky all in white robot/mime thing scared the crap outa me- so much so that I emailed a photo of it/her/him to my friend who shared a bus ride with the mime thing and was also frightened…
    Oh and props to all those at the KEXP booth who saw me in various stages of bumber-ness
    anne on queen anne

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  1. By Don Smith : Bumbershoot was awesome! on September 5, 2006 at 1:37 pm

    […] I also got to see a live KEXP recording of Nouvelle Vague yesterday. I hadn’t been to one of these yet so it was pretty cool. Speaking of KEXP, I stopped by their booth to say hey (and to tell them they could change their tagline from Music That Matters to Radio For People Who Hate Radio :) and Quilty 3000 took my picture and blogged about my visit – that was pretty cool! BTW, you don’t have to live in Seattle to listen to the best radio station on the planet. Podcasts, streams, you choose … check it out! Published Tuesday, September 05, 2006 4:36 PM by donsmith Filed Under: Personal Stuff […]

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