Girl Power and All-Ages Shows Prevail

Who would have thought that Sunday would be the day to don thine dancing shoots and fancy new skirt? Even the under 21+ folks can partake in the music fantistico fun that’s on the books for the last night of the weekend!

The Trucks.jpg
The Trucks, courtesy of… well, The Trucks

Sunday, 9/24: Deadboy & The Elephantmen / The Pink Mountaintops / The Trucks (cd release}, Crocodile {all ages}
It’s true. We’ve fallen prey to the poutey forthright charms of our current favorite band out of Bellingham, The Trucks. We can’t wait to celebrate the release of their cd (released on ClickPop Records) this Sunday at the Crocodile Café as they open up for two national bands who have no idea what is about to hit them. The Truck’s self-titled debut album is chock full of songs that combine equal parts The Bangles, The Catch and Peaches to bring out our inner sultry-sultana. Overtop the snappy drum machine and 1980’s futuristic synth lie infectious, if overtly seductive, quips that empower the Suzie Quatro in all of us.

The album’s track closest to our hearts (and not just because of the name), “Titties,” employs beguiling whispers and screams of the timelessly quotable line “How come you think we can f*** just because you put your tongue in my mouth and you twisted my titties, baby.”

The fun doesn’t stop there… all of the other tracks also overflow with girl-power chants about life and how to command it. “Old Bikes” warns of mixing whiskey with bike riding (“Pedal, Pedal, Chain and Metal / You Went Riding with the Devil,” “Blood and concrete don’t mix / Two black eyes I can’t fix”). “3AM” features deep gangsta-bass keyboard parts with Rosie the Riveter-esqe vocals, “We’re off-roading / Unloading / We come because you’re snowed in / Need a push? / Need a pull in?” Oh, and lest we not forget “March 1st” (a date or a statement?) which is the best post-break-up F.O. we’ve heard for sometime, “I think it’s funny that now you want me back / Well it’s probably just an act / You must be smoking crack!”

Callers beware: We’ve listened to the album so much that you’ll likely find one of their cutesy flirtatious lines as our outgoing answering machine message any day now.

Sunday, 9/24: Tacoma All-Ages Punk/Garage Show- C-B Mitita / The Freakouts / The Grenerds / The Gnostics / Toxic Peanuts {all ages}
We love a show with a mission statement, and this one sent to us by Girl Trouble is the best we’ve seen in ages:

“It’s hard to imagine that the fiercely DIY driven Northwest band phenomenon of the Nineties could fall prey to the recent onslaught of pay-to-play companies. Whether it’s renting clubs on “dead nights” in order to con bands into pre-selling expensive tickets to play their shows, or the latest contest that forces bands to pre-sell expensive tickets in order to “win” a million dollar contract, no matter how you slice it and/or dice it, it’s the old pay-to-play scenario. When a band is required to hand over money before they get on stage, they are paying to play.

We are the Tacoma band Girl Trouble and we are fed up. We are sick of watching all the new young bands fall for this old scam. These companies are suggesting that no traditional promotion works, other than paying to play their shows. We say they are wrong. We say flyers work. We say a community of bands CAN put on their own show. We say DIY works.”

We say DIY works too! And this is how Sunday night at Hell’s Kitchen works: Girl Trouble rented out the venue, but they won’t be playing. Instead, five teenage punk rock bands are slated to play, and the exact order of the lineup will be determined hours before the show. Sounds like a great plan to us, and with five bands on the bill, you’re totally getting a bargain at only six bucks a ticket.

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