Catching up.

John, John, Doron, and Cheryl at Engine Studios in Chicago
Photo courtesy of Allie Bishop

I’m back from my worldwide tour. Good times! I’m going to try and recap best I can but know that I was travelling without my son, out later then I ever stay out and loaded about 10% of the time. I’d like to thank everyone at Engine Studios in Chicago as well as the Darkroom. Plus our GREAT Chicago listeners, the bands, labels and of course the members from Chicago who made this possible!In NYC a big thank you to WNYE 91.5 FM. Great people who gave us a spot on the dial, look for more great stuff from both of us. I’d also like to thank all my good friends at Genart over in NYC. Great people to work with…

Saturday, Sept 2: Arlie’s 2nd birthday party. We’re going to party like its 2006. Okay, I wasn’t loaded for this event. Arlie turned 2 and celebrated with not one but two girlfriends. I’m impressed. He got clothes and a play vaccum and play toolbox. Look, if neither my wife or I are going to fix anything or clean out house, someone has to step up.

Sunday, Sept 3: Bumbershoot. I’ll be there while we broadcast live all day long from our sweet hidden location….I found the hidden location and got to introduce some great bands. Thought this was our best involvment in Bumbershoot yet. Craig Minnewa from Cloud Cult and I were backstage and recorded a long ass podcast about the Enviroment and what we can do to help save it. We’re going to put this together and release soon! With exclusive music as well…they were GREAT on stage as were Halou, Badly Drawn Boy and everyone else who played on our stage. My only regret was that I found the sweet sweet VIP area with only 10 minutes to spare. Free beer should never be rushed.

Monday, Sept 4: Tried to pack for about 4 different flights, 3 timezones and possible rain and heat. Luckily I just packed 20 different track suits. Totally keeps you ready for any climate or condition!

Tuesday, Sept 5: Had my fantasy football draft AT the station. Kevin and I both have different teams. (quick update, just like last year, both Kevin and my teams suck ass and are 0-2…we should stick to music).

Wednesday, Sept 6: Up at 3am. Fly to Chicago, find out that AT&T in Chicago never really bothered to follow up or show up to secure our connection. Learn this 15 minutes after we land. Know this is a bad sign. Go to Wrigley Field and check that one of the “do before you die” list. Cubs win. Cubs win. Cubs win. Know this is a bad sign.

Thursday, Sept 7: Live from Chicago…for 15 minutes. AT&T show up 10 minutes after we are supposed to end the broadcast. Pretty sure there might some mob involvment here. Keep mouth shut. BUT we get 4 great instudios on the air so all is not lost. Listener Party THAT night at Darkroom…packed! Free beer! Love Chicago…but man, DO NOT try and cross the street. Its brutal. I don’t get it. I saw a car honk and swear at a family with 2 small kids for crossing AT A CROSSWALK. I get it, the city is badass and has an attitude but man, against kids crossing the street where they are supposed to? Man, that’s brutal. Plus the irony is, you aren’t getting anywhere any faster by never stopping for anyone.

Friday, Sept 8: Live from Chicago. For real! Great bands all day long…

Saturday, Sept 9: Live from Chicago. For real again! Even more bands live…

Sunday, Sept 10: Flew to NYC. The flight is delayed for 2 hours because of weather in China or something THEN once on the plane we have to sit for 2 more hours why? The prez is landing in Newark so all air traffic has to stop. We could get all traffic to stop when we’re being attacked by our own planes but he decides to go to New Jersey and the whole world comes to a halt. Nothing like sitting in the middle seat next to some dude blasting top 40 R&B and not being able to drink any water because they’ve outlawed water.

Landed, got in a cab. I guess the only new cab driver on the East Coast. No idea where he was going. We’re driving around the Lower East Side for a while when he starts asking people directions out his window. At one point I hear a guy telling him how to get to his hotel and I look out the window and its Mike Myers. Austin Powers telling us how to get to my hotel. Nice.

Monday, Sept 11: Found the WNYE studios in Brooklyn and did the show from their basement basement studios. I had no idea where I was.

Tuesday, Sept 12: Day 2 and this day made history, live on the NYC dial! We celebrated with some live Citizen Cope action.

Wednesday, Sept 13: Live from Brooklyn. Had a giant cockroach attack us and escape. Do the rest of the show with my feet up in the air. Have Pablo up on the show. Then host a Music Salon that night. Got to meet and introduced Jim Carroll. He gets up on stage and sings “People Who Died” with the band Jonny Lives right after. Check that off of things to see before I die.

Thursday, Sept 14: Live from Brooklyn and have both Grizzly Bear and Cassettes Won’t Listen on the show! So great. Then hosting the Music Salon that night. Introduce Melissa Bank the author (very nice!) and Angela Mclusky (vocalist for Wild Colonials and Telepopmusik). For some reason forget her name at the very last second on stage…nice. A three second “uhhhhhh” covers me. Thank god for the “uh” and thank god it came to me. I blame all the free coffee and beer for my confusion. Go to some fashion party at the Soho Grand later in some epcot center tent of some sort. See David Spade, realize when you see him, its time to go home. I think he was wearing a truckers hat. Great drinks though.

Friday, Sept 15: Live from Brooklyn with Hopeell. then hosting the Music Salon that night Joi Cardwell and Ursula Rucker are the performers I introduce. Two VERY strong and confident and talented women. Great show. I compliment Joi’s dress and later Ursula compliments my sweater. Nice. Then it gets weird. Suddenly I find myself at the Hudson Hotel at the Edun party…Bono’s wife’s line of clothes. Great thing they’re doing, its all for charity. Great thing I’m doing, I’m drinking free (and strong drinks for charity) and watching Damien Rice play. Then Bono gets in front of us 200 people or so and yells at people for not paying attening. Awesome. Heather Graham walks by, she’s more skinny in person. Her show still sucked though. See Wynonna Rider and mistake for this goth girl I knew in junior high. I think she weighs 15 pounds. Make sure she didn’t steal my wallet….suddenly, after many drinks for charity find myself in dining area and with the Bono party. See Kanye hanging out but avoid him because of earlier run in with Mike Myers. I didn’t want to bring up any issues. Its complicated. Next thing I know I’m talking to the Fly for 2 or 3 solid minutes about KEXP. Not sure he heard a word but he seemed to be listening. Told me he loved Seattle, I told him I loved it when the Edge sings. He says “really?” I say “no, I’m kidding”. Leave for bathroom, come back and security won’t let me back in. I blame the booze and 24 straight hours of being awake. Start talking in German and they let me back in. Long enough to get more drunk and stumble out at 2:30am only to run into Vincent from Project Runway. My wife tells him he’s her favorite and its a shame he got kicked off. I realize she MUST be as drunk as I am to say that.

Saturday, Sept 16: Hosting the Music Salon that evening. So hungover that I find myself drinking a Emergencee and alka seltzer cocktail 15 minutes before introducing Jose Gonzalez. He sobers me up. I love that guy. Next up is Kira Onodera to do her one woman play “The Crease Question”. Great stuff, see it if you can. Then up is DMC of RUN DMC. I meet him, shit my pants and go up and intro him like he asked me to “….here’s my brother, DMC”. You tell me 20 years ago in Spokane WA that I’ll be doing that and I’d probably…well, shit my pants.

Sunday, Sept 17: Hosting the last night of the Music Salon and get to host one of my favorite authors Jonathan Lethum then Electic Method out of London. SEE THEM LIVE! Incredible visual DJ’ing and video. Walk back to hotel and crash.

Monday, Sept 18: Fly to Seattle at the crack of dawn. Sit in Sea-Tac then off to Spokane. See my son for the first time in weeks and know I’d trade all those experiences and more just to see his beautiful face. Man I missed him.

Tuesday, Sept 19: Enjoying all that Spokane has to offer by leaving early in the morning. Arlie and I drive. At one point in Moses Lake we stop the car and he manages to jump on the gear shift and jam it so I can’t move. Stuck there til I fix it 45 minutes later. Arlie is busy watching a DVD of dogs or cows or something and doesn’t notice.

Wednesday, Sept 20: Back to Seattle. Home. Spend day with Arlie

Thursday, Sept 21: This day I don’t remember. I think I slept.

Friday, Sept 22: Was going to sleep but had to do my show! So do my show. So happy to be home.

I think we’re all caught up now. There were other details. Sitting in a puddle of urine on the L in Chicago, watching a man walk down the street in NYC with no pants on…shoes and socks but no pants….in studios from people like Walter Meego and the Changes and M Ward…..getting lost on a Jog in Chicago with Cheryl and my buddy John (we could have been killed) but its all a blur now. Great to be home.

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    I think it’s about time they did a remake of Blade Runner, or came out with a second version.

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