I’m really proud of this station.

All of us with Krist Novoselic at the Seattle Works Award Ceremony

Just thought I’d let you know that a few of us were at the Seattle Works Award Ceremony yesterday morning. Thanks to Kevin, Leesa, Denise, Lisa S, Amy Lindsey, Amy Bauer, Mel Trejo and Melissa Collett for getting up so early to come be a part of this event. It meant a lot to see you all there. If you’re scoring at home that’s 2 Melissa’s, 2 Amy’s, 2 Lisa/Leesa’s, Denise and a couple of dudes.

The Swooty is the Seattle Works Organization Of the Year Award. It was given to us for our community work and outreach program that we do through Audioasis live shows at High Dive and the awareness campaign we run on our airwaves/website. I thought it was a great event and it was nice to be included with such great community leaders. It inspired me personally to want to do even more for our community that has been so supportive of the station over all these years. Seattle Works is a GREAT organization that connects people in their 20’s and 30’s with volunteer work and organizations. Look them up if you don’t know about their work in Seattle.

There are so many people to thank for their hard work on these events, but I think it’s important to remember that the station is an incredible group of people who allow ideas like this to happen. A lot… if not most… for profit or non profit for that matter… organizations would not let hours and money go into something like this when it’s trying to raise it’s own money. I never had to think twice about that and moved forward with the support and blessing of directors and staff alike. I keep hearing from people outside of KEXP how rare that is. It’s not just about championing music and the programming but also championing ideas and vision… and community. It’s about what we can all do to make this world a better place through music and through having the power to make a difference.

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