The pledge room is something else.

Wow! The pledge room is something else. My first pledge drive and I CANNOT believe the energy in this building. Imagine 20 strangers, rolling into the place at 8:30 am, many a bit groggy from yesterday’s awesome Ballard events. But, they’re ready to get this drive rolling. By 30 minutes into the shift, the volunteers are loading up on bagels and espresso drinks from a friendly barista that Zoka sends down here in the mornings (I like him). And, amazingly, they’re already chatting up a storm. Sharing the love.

John Richards and Kid Hops are comparing their new coats – very expressively, Theo’s handing out zinc lozenges to anyone who might need one, Annie’s walking in for her volunteer shift and brings more coffee. John and Kid Hops hit the air and the first caller makes a $2,500 gift! Unbelievable, absolutely unbelievable! It’s going to be a good day.

I’m the luckiest person here. It’s my job to call these folks and thank them. Two minutes into the call, I have tears in my eyes. The donor and her husband have had a really difficult year. They’ve counted on KEXP. She says it’s been their soundtrack, and it pulled them through. She says they were talking earlier in the week about what their gift might be during this drive. They talked about the tough times, and she realized that her husband was wearing a KEXP t-shirt. And the decision was made to stretch it a little and make this amazing gift. Whoa. Wow.

I share the story with the phone volunteers and the data entry volunteers and the front desk volunteers and we’re all expressing similar sentiments with each other – and we’re complete strangers – well not complete strangers, we all love KEXP and we’ve all dipped heavily into the coffee, and have answered calls and laughed together all morning. I’m bummed to see them go.

And then, time to start with the noon shift and 20 more strangers roll into the building, and some of them are groggy, and I realize that it’s going to be this cool all week.

Thanks so much for your support.

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