Day 5 – Food food food!

Did I mention the pledge food? Actually, I’ve been refraining from mentioning the pledge food…or thinking about the pledge food…or looking at the pledge food…or smelling the pledge food…It’s everywhere, it’s everywhere! And it’s inescapable. And, I – LOVE – FOOD.

You could add some serious girth if you followed your impulses, this week. As I type, I’m sitting in a room with six volunteers and a bunch of fruit drinks, grapes, licorice, pizza, cupcakes, trail mix, coffee, fancy smoothie juice, tortilla chips, raspberries. Lots of pledge food.

Food-The Spread.jpg
The spread… So delicious…
Anna (KEXP Volunteer) in mid bite.

There were bigger fish to fry this morning though. We have a room full of volunteers – about 20 people in the building at 5:30 am, and the coffee guys, due to unmentionable circumstances beyond their control, aren’t here! That means NO COFFEE!!! NO COFFEE NO COFFEE!!!! Holy cripes, NO COFFEE!!!

Twenty people got up at an unreal time, and have patiently waited for three hours for their coffee! And, they’re so peppy, anyway! Not to mention the caffeine needs of our on-air host, who’s pouring his heart out to listeners, asking them for gifts. He has a known coffee habit. He gets up at 2 am, or something like that, and he’s had one cup of homebrew at around 5am and nothing since.

Someone sends me out to get pounds of coffee from the local national chain. And I bring it back, brew a pot and pour two cups, one for the unnamed on-air addict and one for the behind-the-scenes addict. After assuring the on-air host that the coffee is freshly-brewed, I dash off to down my cup before my brain seizes.

Well, just when you thought the pledge food thing couldn’t get any more serious, it does. At 5:15 pm, Theo Craig, our Membership Manager, calmly walks into the pledge room and asks if he can get my help with a couple things. We walk calmly out of the room. None of the newly-arrived volunteers sense the possibility of pending doom.

We unexpectedly need an entrée for dinner. We hit the Pledge Food Hallway, and we’re in action. Do we order out for more pizzas, or do we microwave leftovers? We decide to order out, mostly because we need a vegan choice. The pizzas arrive at 6:20, just as Derek Mazzone and Michele Meyers are starting their first on-air break. Phew!

Food-Michele-Cupcake Eyes.jpg
Stay frosty DJ Michele!
Cyrus eating the closest thing to the perfect food.
Food-Empty Plate.jpg
That’s all she wrote!!

One of the things I’m learning about Pledge Drives: Feeding volunteers is a serious and dangerous business that takes quick wits and nerves of steel.

The other thing is that we have some amazing listeners, who value what we do, here. The emails we are getting are so inspiring and I learn more and more that KEXP means so much in the lives of those who listen. And, so many folks are showing their appreciation with gifts and with stories about what KEXP means in their lives. I feel grateful and so lucky to be a member of this community of people. And, I’m thankful that the drive is going so well that I can obsess about food a little.

Thanks so much for your support.

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