Day 6 – Hump Day…

Trish-Volunteer Room 009.jpg
Trish, one of our awesome volunteers in the middle of it all.

Hump or no hump, the day has been awesome. Folks are beginning to run on things other than serotonin, dopamine and epinephrine (yeah, I’m a psych major). They’ve got caffeine, chocolate, vitamin c, kombucha, tomato soup, you name it, to keep them going. The volunteers are old friends now… back rubs have been witnessed. Folks are exchanging phone numbers and email addresses. And, there might be a bit of flirting going on around here, as well.

One of our volunteers, Trish, has taken the entire week off from her job at our local national coffee chain to answer phones for KEXP! It’s truly humbling to think about the ways that this station affects people’s lives and the ways that they commit their support. Trish sits at the end of the conference table in the pledge room. She likes feeling like she’s in the middle of it all. I perch on a stool behind her because I do, too!

A young man came into the station this afternoon. He was wearing the Seattle Winter Uniform of jeans, sturdy shoes, a coat that wont let too much water in…you know the drill. His name is Nick and he came to give. Nick collected all the money he had – change – and brought it into the station. He wants to do what he can, he says, but he doesn’t have much. Whoa. I’m so moved by this that I fight back tears while I’m thanking him. The gesture he’s made is tremendous, and it’s a really important lesson. Every person who gives does it from an extremely meaningful and personal place. I am reminded that it’s the act of giving that brings joy to the person giving and that it’s my job (all our jobs, really) to receive any gift with the same joy. Nick was gone as quickly as he came. I’ve been feeling so grateful to him, all day, for so clearly sharing this important lesson with me.

Before I went back into the pledge room, I shared this story with Kevin Cole and DJ Jo. Then, I told the story to the volunteers in the pledge room and a volunteer, David, helped me count the coins – he even offered to count the pennies while I counted the silver. And we filled out a pledge form for Nick and his gift and turned it into the tally volunteer, as we had with the other gifts we received that afternoon.

I need to include a Pledge Drive Update, tonight, too. Afterall, the volunteers and staff are working really hard to make sure that KEXP remains vibrant, and they should be recognized for the amazing job they’re doing! With two days left in the drive, we’ve raised 58% (or $261,223.46) of our $450,000 drive goal. We’ve met or exceeded our goals each day of the drive, thanks to you and other listeners who care about what we do, how we’re doing it, and what it means to them. Thanks for making it so fulfilling for us.

Thanks so much for your support.

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