Day 7 – A very nice gift…

Aya-Kids dance party.jpg
Thanks to miss Aya for a very special gift, courtesy of Greg Perez.

The week has flown by. I can scarcely believe that a week ago I was quickly finishing up financial reports for our website, so that I could hang out at KEXP in the Hood in Ballard all day last Friday. Today was the day that a few of us hit our proverbial walls. The day moved passed as though I were watching it on the pledge drive closed circuit television system. There were points of acute clarity, sprinkled in, though.

Like when a seven year old came in and made a gift – $10 that her parents matched with another $10. It’s her allowance, and she’s “kept her room tidy” and “cleaned the cat’s litter box” to earn it. She then noticed the Pledge Room TV and saw Kevin Cole in the booth on the screen, and they began a “call and response” dance moves thing – flying karate chops and all. She then ran into the booth to wave at all of us.

The hours I spent in the Pledge Room with a group of super creative and gregarious volunteers during Kevin’s show are also crystal clear. The folks were constantly interacting with Kevin over the TV, spurring him on, hoping that he’d play a Prince song for us. Yes, Prince. I hope we’ll get our wish, today! He’s got a special song in mind and needs to bring in the CD, I think.

Anyway, I ended the day as fuzzy as I’d started it – despite three cups of coffee and the super duper chocolate brownie I ate. I’m glad to have a few memories to share.

We ended the day 75% of the way to $450,000, with $331,309.42 gifts and pledges counted, so far. The staff and volunteers have been amazing and I’m really glad that I’ve been able to have this experience with these people. Thanks to everyone who’s made a gift and to everyone who will, tomorrow.

Thanks so much for your support.

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