KEXP’s Year in Review: Rachel’s most obsessed over 10 albums of 2006, 100% Hypoallergenic

Liars with Blood Brothers, photo courtesy of Liars

When I was a kid, I believed that there were alligators that lived under my bed. If I had to get up to go to the bathroom, or get a glass of water, I was at risk of being eaten. Luckily, I had a magic (and invisible) ring that kept me safe from them. I have since lost that ring, and now, there aren’t alligators, there are dust mites. And I am at risk of being eaten. Therefore I have hypoallergenic pillow cases and wash my laundry at 160 degrees.

How does this relate to music? Funny you ask!
This year, I found that as imaginary demons are replaced by real ones, I have started to gravitate towards music from artists that are based the fanciful (the Liars, the Decemberists, the Melvins, Joanna Newsom). Their characters don’t update their myspace pages, or sing about the panic-attacks induced by loosing ones cell phone… they fly in fanciful dirigibles, commit daredevil crimes and fight evil demons.

LiarsDrum’s Not Dead (Mute)
This album continues the Liar’s trajectory towards more artier and noise-filled pastures. Both creepy and beautiful. Score!

Lady SovereignPublic Warning (Def Jam)
Lady SOV represents a glimmer of hope for tomboys everywhere. She is not dependent on sex appeal to sell records. Quite the opposite. She uses something called talent, and it gives me hope that it’s ok to not know much about makeup or how to style my hair.

The DecemberistsThe Crain Wife (Capitol)
This album contains all the beautiful whimsical lyricism of their previous works and serves up a juicy slice of rock along side. Sprinkle on some crusty sea salt and enjoy.

The LightsDiamonds and Dirt (Wantage)
The Lights are one of my favorite local bands and this album is kicking ass and taking names. (Setting Sun – MP3)

The Melvins(A) Senile Animal (Ipecac)
Finally, the two greatest forces in the universe of rock are united in an undefeatable force: Yes, Big Business have joined the Melvins and together wield a mightily sword that shall slay all who dare stand in their way.

ShopliftingBody Stories (Kill rock Stars)
Greatness from this band out of Oly. In the vain of rock that gives a shit, they are truly progressive and all about making this work a better place. Shoplifting for president! (Male Gynecology – MP3)

Joanna NewsomYs (Drag City)
I love this album! I love the harp! I love meteorites! Who knew?! She has a spellbinding voice, irresistible lyrics, and Ys is orchestrated to perfection.

J. TillmanMinor Works (Fargo)
Let’s face it. There’s no better album to drinking whisky in a rocking chair while taking a bubble bath to. Seriously, try it.

The Thermals - The Body The Blood The Machine (Sub Pop)
Yes, it is possible for you to hate the system and not be an asshole about it. The Thermals are bringing it to the man and it is awesome.

The Long Winters - Putting the Days to Bed (Barsuk)
These songs got stuck in my head for about a month straight. Thanks a lot jerks. (Pushover – MP3)

I need to get out more.

And because 10 is never enough…here’s some more local faves!
These Arms are Snakes – Easter (Jade Tree) (Horse Girl – MP3)
The Blood Brothers – Young Machetes (V2)
Unnatural Helpers – Unnatural Helpers (self released) (Gettin’ Classy – MP3)
Casy and Brian – Catbees (self released) (House on Haunted Hill – MP3)
Coconut Coolouts – Coconut Coolouts EP (self released) (Coconut Weekend – MP3)
The Trashies – Life Sucks Trash Fuck (self release) (Sweatpants Boner – MP3)
The Hands – So Sweet EP (self released)
Harbor Rats – The Katie Sermon (self released)
(Various) – Ball of Wax Audio Quarterly: Vol 6 (self released)

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