KEXP’s Year in Review: Nick Turner, 2006 is a year I shall forever remember as between 2005 and 2007

Photo courtesy of Hellshock

2006 is a year I shall forever remember as between 2005 and 2007; a year of many months (well, twelve, exactly) and a variety of events, some of which were even related to music. Here are some of those exciting events:

Some genius saw fit to release the Bad Brains Live at CBGB 1982 dvd (MVD). A true audio-visual treat, this beast contains pro-shot footage from not one, not two, but THREE shows from what is inarguably this trailblazing hardcore-punk band’s prime. The band is so tight, urgent, energetic and everything-else-good-art-should-be that my jaw was stuck to the floor throughout the hour-long dvd. It’s so good it wiped my mind clean of the band’s mid-90s God of Love debacle, and I almost forgot singer HR’s legendary reputation as a homophobic Rastafarian nutcase.

Massively hyped Japanese band Boris finally released a record I liked enough to buy. Too bad it’s the most expensive one so far at over thirty bucks for a 12″, but man, “Vein” is a blown out Discharge-worshipping noisefest that makes the ears hurt so good…

Thanks to Important Records for releasing it and taking an, uh, “innovative” approach to the phrase “value for money.”

I found this on YouTube one day:

Ah… the beauty of technology. PS. If you haven’t heard their sole ep do so now. Best guitar sound this side of Hendrix.

Pissed Jeans.jpg
Pissed Jeans

Pissed Jeans, one of the best bands in the country, connected to the Northwest by signing to Sub Pop and releasing the brutishly brilliant Don’t Need to Smoke to Make Myself Disappear single. Two songs of crushing misanthropic plod for those who missed the part of life where you learn how to have fun with the beautiful people. Look for a new full length on Sub Pop in 2007. If it’s anything like the last one it’ll give you enough bad vibes to turn the cutest baby into a soccer ball.

Classic punk obscurities continued to be reissued (sometimes even with the band’s permission!) at a pleasing rate on vinyl – this guy’s preferred format – and CD. Notables include The Wipers’ classic debut lp Is This Real (Jackpot), Los Invasores 7″ (‘80s punk from Uruguay, on Lengua Armada), amazing unreleased NYC hc/punk by Major Conflict (Mad at the World), the female-fronted melodic UK punk of Icon A.D. (Overground Records), Rappresaglia’s vicious Italian hardcore (Agipunk Records) and a host of absolutely ripping Finnish hardcore (Appendix, Bastards…) on (Hohnie Records).

The Northwest continued to produce some killer tunes courtesy of Seattle’s Iron Lung, Sex Vid, Betrayed, The Helm (whose Sonic Reducer in-studio was sidetracked by a sawed-off thumb) and A-Frames, and Portland’s Hellshock, Lebenden Toten, Nix, Tragedy and Lords of Light. Vancouver checked in with two swell 7″s by the radio-friendly Fuck Me Dead and a cool melodic single by the Jam-influenced Tranzmitors.

Pig Champion R.I.P. 01/30/06

Listen to Poison Idea now.

That’s all for now, folks. Tune in to Sonic Reducer in early January to hear tunes from my year-end round up. Stay in school, crack is wack, choose life, blah blah blah…

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