The Roadhouse Tribute to Martin Luther King – MLK and the Songs of Freedom


Listen to the annual The Roadhouse tribute to the Martin Luther King and the Civil Rights Movement – MLK and The Songs of Freedom. On this week’s show you’ll hear lots of gospel and field recordings from the early 60s – mass meetings and church gatherings throughout the south which captures the spirit of this inspiring time, including the words from Dr. King himself.

Also, you’ll hear topical recordings from people like Curtis Mayfield, Staple Singers, JB Lenoir, Odetta, Nina Simone, Phil Ochs, Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, Len Chandler and the Broadside Singers. In the second hour of the program you’ll hear a sound collage of this amazing period in history led by a truly heroic American figure. Listen now and join MLK on the Freedom Highway, in The Roadhouse.

Here’s a few links for further inspiration this weekend. Two CDs featured on this show are worth checking out, Sing For Freedom and Voices of the Civil Rights Movement, both on Smithsonian Folkways. Here’s a link to addition info on MLK and the Movement.

Remember him this weekend, and enjoy the show!

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