This Saturday: the High Violets, Trespassers William, Alela Diane & the Transmissionary Six at Holocene

Portland Faithful! We know you’re down there. We love our friends to the South with your ice covered roads, clean air, sweet public transportation and every other house full of musicians. I loved it so much I ran 26 miles there once. Well maybe about 25, the other mile was spent thinking about how much I wanted to die. Anyway. We have our first KEXP Audioasis show down there as part of our series of shows that will showcase both music scenes. We want to make a bridge between the two cities…as most of you know, that drive is total ass so a bridge would allow us to drive right over that problem.

This Saturday January 20: KEXP presents the High Violets, Trespassers William, Alela Diane (The Rifle – MP3) & the Transmissionary Six (Infrared – MP3) at Holocene.

Tickets are $6, available now.

Our own Lisa Wood will be attending this event, she lives there now. 6 bucks, Lisa Wood, great bands and this will tell us you want us down there in the future. If you don’t go that means you hate us and never want to see us again. It’s all or nothing people. If you’d like to HELP KEXP down in Portland PLEASE contact the following address:

In fact, anyone in any town can use that email to volunteer for the station. It’ll be sweet. We’ll raise an army and march on Washington and demand justice!!!! Okay we’ll probably just see great music and spread the word about the station and how radio isn’t dead yet but THEN WE MARCH PEOPLE! 25 Miles! NO THROWING UP!!!

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