Pledge Drive: Day 1

Actually its day 3, I’ve been up here since Saturday. Well, to be honest with you its day 4, we started on the Rockabilly show on Friday.

Winter Membeship Drive-Leon Rocks.jpg
Leon smells like socks

But when it comes to pledge drives, its a blur… I will be on the air 46 hours this drive which I think sets some kind of record. The best part of that record is that with it, comes the loss of one’s sanity AND the ability to share that loss with thousands of people who tune in.

Winter Membeship Drive-Leon_Mari.jpg
Dr. Leon Berman, Shakin’ the Winter Pledge Drive – 2/23/07

There’s a reason you hear people do radio shows for only 3 or 4 hours, its not recommended to do any more than that. If you don’t know why, just listen to the drive later this week, you’ll see.

Saturday I was on Positive Vibes with Kid Hops. It’s about as chill as you’ll ever hear me on the mic. With all respect to Jah, it’s better I keep it chill. We had a great show raising around 17k and showing why this has always been one of the most popular show on our airwaves through the years. Kid Hops is a fun guy to be on the air with as well, the man uses some of the biggest words I’ve heard on the air since Sean Nelson and half of them actually makes sense to me! All respect to Jah.

Sunday Stevie Zoom was out, he’s on a big bike ride outside of Seattle and needed his show covered so Cheryl and I did the show and got a little warm up on Sunday for the drive. It was weird to be on the air on a Sunday but nice to roll in at 11am instead of my usual 4:30AM arrival time. We had a sweet time busting new music and raising a record setting Sunday afternoon of about 11k. All respect to Tour de Stevie.

Winter Membership Drive-Its A Blur.jpg
It’s a blur

Today I’m on my 5th Americano and 12th cookie. I’m going to be in trouble come later this week when my heart stops from the 15 extra pounds of weight and the caffeine that destroys me. But it’s for the greater good of KEXP and our pledge drive. The first of the year! We raised a record setting Monday Morning amount of nearly 32k!!!! Best Monday in history. My wife and son came in to answer phones as well. Well Tiffany did, Arlie ran around like a bat out of hell. In fact I brought him in at 4:30 in the morning to hang out and pull music. He grabbed Pulp and John Spencer, smart kid.

Winter Membership Drive-Donuts.jpg

Cheryl and I just talked about Pho and creampuffs on the air and we had a killer break once again proving you guys rule and don’t expect us to make any sense when we do these drives as the music is already speaking for us!

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