My second pledge drive. Day 4.

The weekend was really fun, lots of faces I’d seen last fall and so many people talking about music and their admiration for the DJs they were volunteering to support.

Winter Pledge Drive-John & Arlie.jpg
John and Arlie, photo courtesy of Gregory Perez

Joe, who loves Stevie Zoom and Kevin Cole, passed around a little sheet of paper and started a “best of” series of lists – CDs folks are listening to right now, favorite live bands, favorite movies… Just think of it, these people are uncommonly knowledgeable and passionate about music, so these lists are an amazing resource. And, we had so much fun doing it!

Winter Pledge Drive-listeners.jpg
Pledge Room, photo courtesy of Gregory Perez
Winter Pledge Drive-Volunteers.jpg
Busy busy busy in the Pledge Room, photo courtesy of Gregory Perez

During the drive, I get to hang out in this pledge room with some amazing people. They get up before first light, they take the day – and even the week – off from their jobs to be here to help the station meet its goals. So many of them make their own gifts to the station while they’re here, too.

Winter Pledge Drive-bagel.jpg
Yes, that’s a bagel and an arm… photo courtesy of Gregory Perez

The pledge room has been decorated festively by our volunteers and we have a unicorn theme going on: disco ball, starlight, streamers, and a unicorn headpiece that only the men will wear for some reason. One volunteer, Dallas, looked so good in the unicorn headpiece that he felt just fine going outside to move his car in the thing.

Winter Pledge Drive-Unicorn.jpg
The unicorn theme! photo courtesy of Gregory Perez

When you meet the volunteers, you realize that your suspicions have always been right. You COULD be friends with nearly every other KEXP listener in the universe! I so thankful to these dedicated volunteers and to the donors who call and email to make gifts so that the volunteers can feel good about the work they are doing for the station.

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  2. […] I have the coolest, strangest, most crazy job I can imagine in the world. This I realize during the pledge drives. We had a record setting day on Monday, I was totally freaking out. Tuesday we did great, 20k but it seemed like a hard day and the day just got longer for me for a number of reasons. We did great on the Midday Show and Kevin and Jo did awesome…as did Wo Pop….but Arlie had a hard night and on top of that, I just sort of lost my ability to focus and be positive suddenly. Not good during a drive. It’s hard to explain what it does to your brain and your personality when you get on the air asking for people to respond over and over and over again for hours. Totally weird. On the mic. Photo by Gregory Perez […]

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