The craziest day I’ve seen since I started working here!

Winter Pledge Drive-Leesa-Vols.jpg
Some of our tremendous volunteers in the pledge room

Why the heck would I volunteer to write the blog? I’m the card carrying luddite at the station. Today is the craziest day I’ve seen since I started working here! FUN FUN FUN!!!! The volunteers have been the best! They are super social and they’ve been kept busy by the many callers and web donors. But, we’ve found enough time to add to the Wall of Fame. It’s the talent wall. Pictures, recipes, calculus equations, origami, KEXP art, and some laundered money – provided by our own Annie Wilson. I’d wondered how she got the money for that match today.

Winter Pledge Drive-Leesa-Wall.jpg
Wall of Fame, photo courtesy of Alli Lazar

Speaking of the match. WOW! What an hour that was! Annie offered to match all gifts of $250 or more, up to $5,000. The room was a flurry of activity, you would have thought that people knew that her match was coming up! The match was a great incentive and by the end of the day, we were about $12,000 above our goal for Cheryl’s and John’s shows. The volunteers had a great experience.

Winter Pledge Drive-Leesa-Vols1.jpg
Annie and friends in the pledge room
Winter Pledge Drive-Leesa-Smile.jpg
All smiles in the pledge room Alli Lazar

Today, I am really happy to have a room full of old friends back helping the station meet its goals. I’ve known some of these friends, like Leilah, Trish and Casey, since October when I met them in this little room. Some of them I met during the week: Dallas, Adrian, Eric. We’re all having a great time helping the DJs feel like they are doing a great job during the drive, through the magic of closed-circuit television. Kevin loves interacting with everyone in the pledge room and is motivated by our cajoling and smiling and waving.

Winter Pledge Drive-Leesa-Cake.jpg
Madres, coming up big… photo courtesy of Alli Lazar

Fun and important work that these folks are doing. I hope they know that we see them all as true partners in KEXP’s continued success.

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