Let’s Play Dress Up!

This weekend let’s start our countdown to the big SXSW week next week where there will be KEXP live performances, Indie-Pop Hootenanny’s and, fingers crossed, perhaps even an Owen Wilson sighting! Until then, we’ve got to keep ourselves busy so we don’t get wrapped up in pre-party jitters.

So… let’s go to a costume party! And not just any “put on your French maid costume and go” kind of costume parties (most folks have a French maid costume, right?) We’re talking about dressing up as a Seattle notable and heading to the ultra chic McLeod residence this Friday (March 9). The McLeod residence, a swanky new gallery and performance space in Belltown, is kicking off their “Seattle Notables” exhibit with a Seattle Notables Costume Party. The exhibit features photographs from Adam L. Weintraub and Alice Wheeler as well as paintings from Laurie Kearney. The art isnt the only thing that will be admired over the course of the night; Ben Lashes will be on hand to judge the most notable notable costume!

Rumor has it that arriving in costume is required and there are no celebrities off-limits to dress up as. Personally, we’ve been looking for a reason to dress up our boyfriends like John Richards or Sir Mix-A-Lot and going out for a night on the town. But, since there’s word going around town suggesting that folks dress like imaginary girls, we have a few hints.

Hints for dressing up like Liz: Grab your white tights, black Mary Janes, Value Village dress, grandma’s cardigan, and scarf. When you’re not talking about how cold you are, make sure to talk about how excited you are for Sunday’s Bright Eyes show. Extra credit if you quote lyrics.

Hints for dressing up like Char: Find your Michigan-themed hoodie, vintage jeans, and a pair of Velcro rocket dog sneakers and you’re set! For extra credit, make killer quesadillas for the judge.

Hints for dressing up like Dana: Layer a red/pink/purple skirt over a cute black slip, a red cashmere sweater with patched-up elbows, striped purple knee socks and black boots. Pull back your hair into short buns and score mega extra points for handling a microphone at least once during the course of the night — and yes, slipping out to the Rickshaw for karaoke counts.

Notably yours,

dana, liz, char
*three imaginary girls*

High iPod rotation:
Sleeping in the Aviary {playing the Comet on 3/15}
The Zebras
Friday Mile

(Three Imaginary Girls is a Seattle-based website that showcases the great music of the Northwest to music lovers worldwide. We post a Seattle live show calendar to help you fill your day-planner with loads of great shows as well as album and film reviews.)

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