Today in Music: I’m Not Where I’m From

The Rosebuds
photo from MySpace

Every Monday-Friday, we deliver a different song as part our Song of the Day podcast subscription. The podcast features exclusive in-studio performances, unreleased songs, and recordings from independent musicians that KEXP DJs think you should hear. Today’s featured selection is from the 2007 album Night of the Furies by The Rosebuds:

The Rosebuds – Get Up, Get Out (MP3)

You can see The Rosebuds at Neumo’s on June 8. More tour dates are listed on Merge Records’ website. Learn more about podcasting and subscribe now.

Speaking of getting up and out, this is the time to get out and see your favorite bands, who are on the road following up or anticipating their 2007 releases. Take a look at who’s on the road:

  • Advance Copy reports that The Walkmen have just embarked on a tour with Kaiser Chiefs, just in time for their upcoming Spiderman 3 soundtrack release.
  • The full itinerary of Wilco‘s Sky Blue Sky tour can be found at
  • Low has announced that it will cancel the West Coast leg of its tour to join Wilco on its North American dates and support its Sub Pop release Drums & Guns.
  • The Tripwire has the lowdown on Joseph Arthur‘s tour, which begins with an appearance on Late Night With Conan O’Brien on April 13. Joseph will be touring in support of the forthcoming Let’s Just Be with his band The Lonely Astronauts.
  • Ted Leo & The Pharmacists have already begun their ’round-the-nation tour, in support of Living With The Living. Find out when they’ll be in your town on the Touch and Go website. You’ll be able to hear them on KEXP on April 17.
  • Cloud Cult is midway through their U.S. tour, supporting Meaning of 8, which comes out tomorrow. They’ll also be performing on KEXP just ten days later.
  • A ton more tour dates of your favorite indie bands can be found on Each Note Secure, and you can see a list of future KEXP in-studio performances here.
  • Our hearts go out to those wandering souls on the road, leading their post-romantic lives of shoddy motel rooms, claustrophobic green rooms and endless miles of the American landscape, so much so that we can only live vicariously through them was we sit behind our computers and in front of our radios.

    Fortunately, such bands as Architecture in Helsinki, who also recently announced its upcoming tour schedule (which you can find on Filter), help us imagine distant landscapes with their exotic names. The only problem? Many bands claim to be from where they’re not! Architecture in Helsinki actually hails from Melbourne, Australia. Perhaps they too wish for greener pastures, or more watery ones in this case, but here are a few other misleading monikers:

  • One such band, I’m From Barcelona, sounds like it could come from the summery climes of the westerly Spanish city with their shimmering brand of happy pop, but the participant-heavy collective (featuring up to 29 members!) actually calls Jönköping, Sweden, its home.
  • I’m From Barcelona – We’re From Barcelona (MP3)

  • A very new and promising band with a nearly antithetical sounding name, A Sunny Day In Glasgow, is actually a Philadelphia-based family affair, consisting of twin sisters Lauren and Robin Daniels and their brother Ben. They take a bit more of a sonic cue from their namesake’s region in channeling legendary and true Highlanders The Cocteau Twins, as you’ll hear in this dreaming shoegazer hosted by Some Velvet Blog:
  • A Sunny Day In Glasgow – The Best Summer Ever (MP3)

  • Another group of Pennsylvanians seem to have a bit of state envy, perhaps due to Sufjan Steven’s last opus, and have named themselves Illinois. However, the Bucks County band has a very different sound, developing a breezy but powerful pop sound, as you’ll hear on this track:
  • Illinois – Alone Again (MP3)

  • Dodge, over at My Old Kentucky Blog (and, yes, he is from Kentucky) is currently featuring Little Rock, Arkansas, band Tel Aviv, whose dark moods, angular guitars, and distorted vocals hardly remind anyone of the Middle East (did they have a post-punk period there?). Yet they are as great as he claims:
  • Tel Aviv – Black Marketeering (MP3)

  • There are many stellar bands that could claim the name, but only Athens, Georgia’s own Of Montreal actually does so. While the band’s wacky surrealism doesn’t much seem forged in the American deep south, they sometimes do focus on local themes. Here’s a scathing song about Little Rock that Pitchfork is currently hosting:
  • Of Montreal – Little Rock (MP3)

  • Of the many excellent and actual Montreal bands out there right now, Land of Talk chooses an imaginary place as its moniker, one that I imagine is full of cellphones, talk shows, and long-winded office meetings. Fortunately, you could listen to vocalist Elizabeth Powell’s sexy but plaintive voice all day. And the hammering riffs don’t hurt either. Badminton Stamps has a couple great tracks from the band’s first EP Applause Cheer Boo Hiss including this one:
  • Land Of Talk – Breaxxbaxx (MP3)

  • And finally, The Besnard Lakes Are The Dark Places has been alluring many DJs here at KEXP. While we were aware of only one “Besnard Lake” in Saskatchewan, which from this picture seems fairly sunny, the band that calls itself The Besnard Lakes performs out of Montreal. (At least it’s all Canadian!) Regardless of their origin, The Besnard Lakes create a unique landscape blend of shoegazer, prog, freak folk, and Beach Boy-influenced rock, as you’ll hear on this song, currently hosted by 3hive:
  • The Besnard Lakes – And You Lied To Me (MP3)

    If you have any other suggestions for aural landscapes that we might of missed, or would like to tip us off to any good music news, email us at

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