Today in Music: No One Does It Like You

The Earaches
photo from band’s website

Every Monday-Friday, we deliver a different song as part our Song of the Day podcast subscription. The podcast features exclusive in-studio performances, unreleased songs, and recordings from independent musicians that KEXP DJs think you should hear. Today’s featured selection is from the 2006 album Time On Fire by The Earaches:

The Earaches – Not the Kind of Man I Am (MP3)

Catch The Earaches at The Blue Moon Tavern in Seattle on April 20. Learn more about podcasting and subscribe now.

Welcome back to the beginning of the workweek, everybody. I’m sure you’re all eager to get back to work after a relaxing weekend, but just in case you’re not, today’s column reveals a new trend in getting other people to do your work for you. Sounds ideal, huh? While you’re waiting, here’s some news fed directly to your brain:

  • First off, a bit of sad news: Don Ho, the Hawaiian singer famous for his “Tiny Bubbles,” passed away over the weekend. Idolator has more details and a couple of links, including this one for his cover of a Peter Gabriel classic:
  • Don Ho – Shock The Monkey (MP3)

  • While you might not hold your breath for a Don Ho revival in the world of indie music, you can breathe a sigh of relief that the Elliott Smith rarities collection, New Moon, is less than a month away. Here’s a poignant song, hosted by Pitchfork, from the forthcoming album, considering Smith’s ultimate fate:
  • Elliott Smith – High Times (MP3)

  • The long awaited second album by The Veils, entitled Nux Vomica, will finally be released in the US next week, and *Sixeyes reveals the band’s tour dates to follow, including a stop in Seattle on June 25. Here’s a video for “Advice to Young Mothers to Be”:
  • It seems like everybody’s getting linked to Arcade Fire’s upcoming tour, and there’s no better way right now to build street cred. Cable & Tweed is reporting that The National will open for select East Coast dates. Gorilla Vs. Bear fav St. Vincent will fill a few Canadian slots, and, according to NME, Electrelane will handle the West Coast shows. In the Northwest, you’ll be able to see Electrelane and Arcade Fire at the Sasquatch Music Festival on Saturday, May 26.
  • The National – Fake Empire (MP3)

    St. Vincent – Now, Now (MP3)

    Electrelane – To The East (MP3) - Thanks to IRockCleveland!

  • For those of you still waiting for Lily Allen to play your town, you may have to wait even longer. Aversion suggests that Lily Allen isn’t alright, as she’s canceled about ten dates on her current tour.
  • But it’s hard to fault Lily Allen for the recent cancellations because although she may have complained about being bored with touring America on her MySpace page, she put on a hell of a show here in Seattle last month. If you check out her remaining tour dates at Pitchfork, you’ll see that she’s been working really hard on this tour, making more appearances than bands less her stature. It’s especially hard to fault her when she still embodies the DIY ethic, which seems to be changing these days. Remember when I mentioned the Junior Boys video contest and the Placebo video contest? And if you’re a citizen of the Colbert Nation, you probably remember his Green Screen Challenge and his Second Green Screen Challenge, which was in response to The Decemberists’ “Reanimate The Decemberists” contest. While the Colbert vs. The Decemberists rivalry was all in good fun, I’m becoming disturbed by all of the contests in which artists, musicians, writers and even bloggers are asking others to do their work for them. I just have to ask: doesn’t anyone do any work around here anymore?

  • Most recently making the rounds on the blogosphere is Les Savy Fav‘s contest to “Sing Our New Songs,” for which you can sing into your telephone to the tune of a few melodies that you download on their website, and if they like what you’ve got, you may appear on the new album.
  • If you’re still itching to be an auteur, Modest Mouse invites you to direct their next video for “We’ve Got Everything.”
  • Feel like you and everybody else is a DJ? Well, you’re probably right, but if you’ve got the skills, Sub Pop is offering $500 for the best remix of Dntel‘s “Dumb Luck,” the title track off their next album.
  • It seems that you too can write for Mojo magazine, who appears to be cutting its research budget as it seeks contributors to submit ideas of essential Goth albums for a forthcoming feature. I assumed that’s what Wikipedia was for, but apparently they’re lacking anything to say on the topic also. Maybe you could write that also!
  • And you can even write someone else’s blog! Quick Before It Melts is asking you to have something to say about a yet unreleased Art Brut song posted there. Be careful! You might get the idea to start your own blog, and then you’ll have to find someone else to write it!
  • As you sit down to create the work others have presented for you, feel free to listen to these inspirational tunes, or, for that matter, write your own.

    Handsome Furs – Sing! Captain (MP3)

    Department of Eagles – No One Does It Like You (MP3)

    Grinderman – Get It On (MP3)

    DJ Battlecat – Bump It (MP3)

    Tago-Mago mashup of Missy Elliot vs. Supergrass – Work It (MP3)

    Thanks to Said The Gramophone, Pitchfork, Spin, and Good Weather for Airstrikes for uploading these so we don’t have to!

    That’s it folks. It’s no longer DIY but DIFM (do it for me) – if you’d like to do our research for us and have any more good news to share or other suggestions for music that we should be listening to and discussing, email us at

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