Today in Music: Spring Leaks

A water main burst down the street from KEXP
photo from KOMO 4

Apparently with Spring come leaks. Yesterday, KEXP staffers were nearly flooded out of our offices by a ruptured water main nearby. Thankfully, the Twinkies across the street were spared the deluge. Other leaks were springing yesterday too. While there are always any number of leaks for upcoming releases due in the months that follow, here are a few notable leaks that have sprung:

  • With all of the talk of iTunes going DRM-free, apparently no one was holding the wheel as Bjork‘s much-anticipated Volta was made available on iTunes UK two weeks before its scheduled release. Granted, only a low quality rip is now spreading across the Intertubes, but it’s out there, people! This whole fiasco may remind you of a similar “accident” with Arcade Fire’s Neon Bible. Mistake or marketing ploy, only the sales figures will know.
  • While you’re listening to the Icelandic pixie on your friend’s computer, natch, you might also want to keep an eye open for a radio rip of “Icky Thump,” the title track of The White Stripes‘ upcoming stomper. By now, you can pay to download that sucker from iTunes, and I gotta tell ya: it’s worth it!
  • If you’re lucky, or savvy, while you’re scouring, you might also run into the forthcoming Elliott Smith or Prodigy, but we’d never tell you where to look.
  • More news has leaked about the next Interpol album. Billboard reviews Our Love To Admire, due July 10 on Capitol, and reveals the tracklist.
  • This sneak peek at two new Black Rebel Motorcycle Club videos isn’t exactly a leak (that album leaked months ago, where’ve you been?), but it’s the next best thing before Baby 81 arrives next week. This video and the current list of tour dates are listed at *Sixeyes:
  • All Sheryl Crow wants to do, apparently, is piss off the conservative Right. First, she gets into a heated argument with rapper Karl Rove at a White House Correspondents’ Dinner, who ultimately calls her un-American. Now, she’s being denounced by an Archbishop in response to her upcoming charity benefit performance for the Bob Costas Cancer Center at Cardinal Glennon Children’s Medical Center because she supports abortion rights.
  • Ra Ra Riot doesn’t have a full-length yet to leak, but you can bet they’ll be working on it after the attention they get from touring with Tokyo Police Club. NME announces the Syracuse band’s East Coast tour, which they’ll hopefully expand to the west. Give a listen to the track they make available from their self-released EP and check out the miniatures gone amok in this TPC video:
  • Ra Ra Riot – Each Year (MP3)

  • Right now, nobody’s stirring up as much avant-rock interest as Battles, whose official debut from Warp leaked a while ago. The experimental math/prog/noise outfit is sure to polarize listeners, but if you can get past the Alvin & The Chipmunks vocals, you’ll be astounded by this video of “Atlas” from the aptly titled Mirrors:
  • We’ll leave you with one final leak: Franz Ferdinand covering LCD Soundsystem‘s “All My Friends”. Thanks to Idolator for this one:
  • Franz Ferdinand – All My Friends (MP3)

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