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The Lashes Residency @ Club Spaceland, LA 3/20/06
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Don’t forget: tonight United State of Electronica will be performing an all ages benefit for Eric Lashes at the Redmond Firehouse at 8 pm. Proceeds will go to help The Lashes guitarist’s recovery. You can support Eric and dance your ass off at the same time.

In music news, while the Phil Spector murder case continues on (and reveals even more bizarre details), headlines lately have been focusing on a lot of other older, or should I say “more established,” song writers, doing new and not so new things. Here’s what some of the old dogs are up to:

  • A London tribunal ruled against Sting and his wife, Trudie Styler, in a suit filed by former personal chef Jane Martin, who claimed that the tantric lovers forced her to work more hours and eventually fired her after they learned that she was pregnant. The more involved story can be found at E! Online, and the eventual payout will be determined next month.
  • Paul McCartney, who has been experiencing a few legal problems of his own, talks to Billboard about his upcoming album, which will be made available online in its entirety. For most artists, this kind of release is hardly news, but The Beatles have been one of the last holdouts on the digital realm. The relaxation regarding McCartney’s album Memory Almost Full (ironic, ain’t it?) likely indicates a loosening of the grip held by both disputing owners of the “Apple” name, Apple Inc. and Apple Corps. Another ironic point about this story: both companies, who have been squabbling over a word, stand to gain a lot from each other.
  • Elvis Costello is no stranger to the digital realm, but he’s about to enter it even more directly. NME reports that the formerly-bitter crooner (now quite happy in his Lexus) will perform a full set at the Ed Sullivan Theater after his performance on The Late Show with David Letterman and webcast it in its entirety on Monday, May 14. According to Costello’s website, the concert will be streamed live on the Late Show website at that evening at approximately 8:25 PM, ET (5:25 PM, PT).
  • Old schoolers New Order have broken up and reunited in the past, but according to bassist Peter Hook, this time is for real. Hook discussed the split during an XFM interview (via Filter). When asked about his involvement with the Perry Farrell project, Satellite Party, Hook said, “Me and Bernard (Sumner) aren’t working together. Bernard went off for a break with Electronic, but that was different. But it’s like the boy who cried wolf this time.”
  • Here’s a song for which Hook contributed his hooks:

    Satellite Party – Wish Upon a Dog Star (MP3)

  • It might also be over for Ozzy Osbourne, touring at least. The former bat-biting, bedraggled rocker stated in an interview that he doesn’t want to disappoint fans of Ozzfest and may call this year’s his last. Currently, though, he is scheduled to headline each date this possibly last time. Additionally, Ozzy claimed that for his album Black Rain, due out May 23, he completed the recording clean and sober, for the first time ever! Seems an old dog can learn new tricks.
  • Continuing to prove that it ain’t over ’til it’s over, Happy Mondays are continuing their reunion after Coachella with two shows scheduled for June in New York. Check The Tripwire for the dates and more info. You lucky New Yorkers get to catch a show like this stellar performance of “Hallelujah” from Coachella this year:
  • Age hasn’t slowed Bob Dylan, and this summer he’ll be headlining the 2007 Austin City Limits Festival. The entire roster has been released on the festival’s website. The incredible lineup includes Bjork, Ghostland Observatory, LCD Soundsystem, Amy Winehouse, and far too many more to mention. There are a lot of great festivals this year, but the ACL fest is hard to beat.
  • Yesterday, we presented you a video of new school performing old school: Ben Gibbard covering “All Apologies.” Okay, Nirvana’s not that old school, but we just wanted an excuse to show another Gibbard cover, this time of the Mountain Goats’ “Palmcorder Yanja.” Thanks again to Stereogum for these videos:
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