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peteinblood1.jpgBlood and Pete Doherty seem to go together like, well, heroin and Pete Doherty. Last year, he allegedly squirted a syringe full of his blood at a Germany MTV film crew. Not even six months later he was covered in it after a brawl with a paparazzo. And now, the Babyshambles frontman has decided to turn his sanguinary fetish into art.

On sale today at London’s hip Bankrobber gallery is a collection of paintings and sketches created by Doherty and adorned with his own blood. According to the Daily Mail, the the aptly titled Bloodworks includes self-portraits, landscapes, and even a crucifixion scene. To keep him and the missus in the lifestyle to which they’ve been accustomed, Doherty is expected to price his work up to £50,000, though signed prints could fetch a bit less — more if you want a spatter of his blood!

Pete Doherty isn’t the only one looking to cross into another artistic medium. The news lately has been filled with musicians looking to break out of music and non-musicians looking to break in.

  • You may already be aware that Lily Allen has started her own fashion line, Lily Loves, designed for women of various body shapes. Rogue’s Lifestyle has pictures of duds that recently debuted in New York.
  • The boys of Franz Ferdinand have pursued many avenues outside of music. Alex Kapranos recently wrote Sound Bites, a collection of the singer/guitarist’s musings on food while traveling the world. (Check out the A.V. Club for an interesting interview with Kapranos about the book.) The band also contributed to Kara Zuaro’s I Like Food, Food Tastes Good: In the Kitchen with Your Favorite Bands. Now, bassist Bob Hardy has lent his design skills to the Domino T-shirt Club, distributed through Airside Shop, alongside other indie musician-com-designers from The Kills, Bonde do Role, and Psapp.
  • According to The Music Slut (via Entertainment Wise), George Michael will star beside Trainspotting star Jonny Lee Miller in a new sitcom. The singer and intersection snoozer claims that each episode will be named for one of his songs. If that’s true, then at least one song to lend its name will have to be “Faith.” Check out this cover by The Boy Least Likely To (courtesy of Cable & Tweed):
  • The Boy Least Likely To – Faith [George Michael] (MP3)

  • Crossing in the opposite direction, Rushmore‘s Jason Schwartzman, who used to drum for Phantom Planet, has just released the debut from his solo project Coconut Records. For the album, entitled Nighttime, Schwartzman enlisted Incubus’ Michael Einziger, but don’t let that scare you. Listen to this track from the album, which is available on the new Seattle-based online music store SongSlide, and judge for yourself. Thanks to Obscure Sound for this link:
  • Coconut Records – West Coast (MP3)

  • According to the television blog Give Me My Remote, another comedic actor, John Krasinski, aka Jim Halpert of The Office, strapped on a guitar and joined Ben Gibbard onstage at Washington DC’s 9:30 Club. Krasinski, who reportedly spoke of his love for Wilco and performed a song, wasn’t a complete surprise to Gibbard at least. The Death Cab for Cutie singer will make his acting debut in Krasinski’s big screen directorial debut Brief Interviews with Hideous Men. Since we’ve already presented the video of Gibbard covering this song, we thought we’d pass along this mp3 for your listening pleasure, courtesy of I Guess I’m Floating:
  • Ben Gibbard – All Apologies [live Nirvana cover] (MP3)

  • Finally, Stephen Colbert, host of The Colbert Report, is not one to be defeated easily. In a recent Time magazine poll, Your Time 100, Colbert came in at a praiseworthy second place, but his score was nearly doubled by the highest scoring nominee, the Korean R&B singer Rain. In response, Colbert sets out to “rein” him in “light it up” with his own R&B number:

  • Thanks to Just Jared for the link

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