Today in Music: (Name) Calling Out

Kevin Cole joins El-P’s posse outside KEXP
photo by Alex Ruder

Thanks to El-P for dropping by KEXP yesterday and delivering an in-studio performance. If you want to go back and listen to his conversation with Kevin Cole, in which El-P calls out the music industry for not being in tune with consumers, you can grab it on our Streaming Archive for the next two weeks.

Today’s Tuesday, and you know what that means…

Tuesday is payday, for the record stores. Largehearted Boy has the list of new releases that you should be giving your hard earned cash for, and it’s another insane week for music lovers — Wilco, Rufus Wainwright, Joseph Arthur, Dungen, The Horrors, Au Revoir Simone, and many others. Here are a few highlights of the bands you should have on your payroll:

Au Revoir Simone – Stars (MP3)

Betty Davis – Anti Love Song (MP3)

Dungen – SÃ¥ Blev Det Bestämt (MP3)

Efterklang – Himmelbjerget (MP3)

Great Northern – Just A Dream (MP3)

The High Strung – What A Meddler (MP3)

YACHT – I Believe In You (MP3)

Thanks to Fluxblog, Light in the Attic, I Guess I’m Floating, Audiversity, Obscure Sound, I Rock Cleveland, and Muzzle of Bees for hosting these songs.

We couldn’t help but add this video for The Horrors‘ “Sheena Is A Parasite,” directed by Chris Cunningham. The video lives up to the name of the band — it is not for the squeamish!

El-P isn’t the only one calling out the music industry, other artists, or anyone else. Here’s what some of the other musicians have to say:

  • Lately, Lily Allen has been riding an emotional roller coaster. On Saturday, on a MySpace post she entitled “fat, ugly and shitter than winehouse,” Allen wrote “in a sea of tears from my hotel bed in Seattle” and said that she had been obsessing about her weight and researching web pages about gastric bypass surgery. Now, Allen has apologized to her fans for feeling sorry for herself and blames her breakdown on a comment made about her by fellow English singer Cheryl Tweedy, who called her “a chick with a dick.” To the Girls Aloud singer, Allen says “if you’re reading this, I may not be as pretty as you but at least I write and SING my own songs without the aid of autotune.” Allen & Tweedy have had a long-standing feud, which prompted this song (hosted by DJ Soup):
  • Lily Allen – Cheryl Tweedy (MP3)

  • The more laudable but still very British Johnny Marr may not engage in petty rivalries, but like Lily Allen, he has entered the fashion industry, if only briefly. The Tripewire tipped us to the pairing of Marr and PF Flyers, who will be releasing a very limited 108 pairs of shoes for a very good cause. The signature swathed and Marr-designed kicks will be sold, beginning July 10, exclusively through the website for Cure Autism Now, which will benefit from the proceeds of the sales.
  • Trent Reznor isn’t beyond name calling when it comes to the big labels overpricing Nine Inch Nails’ Year Zero overseas. Spin reports that Reznor has spoken out on his website against parent label owner Universal Music Group, whom he blames for “ripping off” consumers with inflated prices. Reznor claims that an unnamed label rep said that “a real core audience that will pay whatever it costs when you put something out – you know, true fans.” For his part, Reznor is making sure that “the music and items NIN puts in the marketplace have value, substance and are worth you considering purchasing” proved his point by disallowing his next single “Capital G” from being repackaged and sold by his label. However, you can download files to remix your own NIN songs from his website.
  • Nine Inch Nails – Capital G (MP3) – thanks to Fluxblog

  • And finally, you might recall that Muse and My Chemical Romance had to cancel their tour due to food poisoning. It seems that MCR fans called out the offending source of the bands’ salmonella sickness with a rather violent response. According to Spinner, the Williamsburg, VA, eatery received death threats from devotees of the band.
  • If you’ve got any new bands to call out or interesting music news, email us at

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