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It seems that every time I post on a topic, just afterwards a new story breaks that would have been perfect. So, today is as good a time as any to catch up, follow up, and fill in the blanks with some of those stories:

  • You know how I was trying to compare looking at what other blogs are posting to looking through windows of other people’s houses? Well, if you get a chance to watch Marilyn Manson‘s new video, it will apparently be like catching your neighbors in flagrante delicto. Perhaps worried that he may be losing his edge, Manson is currently stirring media frenzy by purposely remains mum on whether or not he and girlfriend-of-half-his-age Evan Rachel Wood were actually having sex in the video for “Heart-Shaped Glasses” as has been speculated.
  • If you’re in the mood to watch (and over 16 years old), peep it over here.

  • Here are two new videos I just missed! While I do like that Shitdisco video I grabbed from The Tripwire yesterday, I would have posted these super-fresh new videos if they had been posted a day earlier. Check it out — new music from Beastie Boys and The Chemical Brothers!

    The Beastie Boys – Off The Grid

    The Chemical Brothers – Do It Again

  • No more news about Blake Lewis just yet — you got to wait ’til Tuesday! But Seattle band The Blakes have just signed to local label Light in the Attic. If you have ears and sense, which means you listen to KEXP, and the opportunity to catch the brothers live, then you know The Blakes have more than just rock ‘n’ roll swagger and haircuts to match. And it’s nice to see that The Black Angels aren’t just a fluke for Light in the Attic: while the label has consistently put out great soul music like the new Betty Davis reissues, it’s great that they’re keeping newer rock music in the mix. Give a listen to “Two Times” (hosted by Sound on the Sound):
  • The Blakes – Two Times (MP3)

  • Another fantastic Seattle band, The Cave Singers, have also found a new home at a label that for now will remain unnamed (until it’s officially announced). If you’re aware of the band’s lineage, however, the name will come as no surprise. Details about their debut full-length, to be called “Invitation Songs,” can be found on their MySpace page, where you can also listen to three killer tunes.
  • Has he finished before he’s begun? I’ve reported umpteen times about bands too weary, emotionally or physically, to maintain their tour schedules. One of them, Patrick Wolf, called it quits while he was still relatively unknown in the U.S. Considering his recent taste of success in LA, will the 23 year old stick to his guns? I’m guessing not. Here’s a track hosted by Hate Something Beautiful
  • Patrick Wolf – Accident & Emergency (MP3)

  • According to NME, inclemate weather was to blame, not weariness, for the cancellation of Foals‘ “secret show” on Brighton pier during The Great Escape festival. And I thought even gale force winds wouldn’t stop the young toughs. Here’s a terrific video for “Hummer” filmed safely indoors:
  • Everybody wants a new job, it seems, or to try on someone else’s clothes. Apparently Carlos D of Interpol considers himself “an aspiring film and tv composer,” according to his new website (via The Music Slut). Does he have the chops to be the next Scorsese? Here’s a short film called “Golgotha,” which he wrote, produced and scored for you to consider:
  • If you have any stories that might have slipped through the cracks, email

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